sanxiang impression’s culture industry establishes a presence in henan province


on october 13, 2017, the signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement was held in the crowne plaza zhengzhou, henan province. the agreement was for a performance project between impression wonders arts development co., ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of sanxiang impression co., ltd.), and tianrui group co., ltd.. chen jingsong, chairman of impression wonders arts development co., ltd., and fu shunli, the deputy general manager of tianrui group co., ltd., jointly signed the agreement.

attendees of the signing ceremony included: hu quan, secretary of the pingdingshan municipal party committee, zhou bin, mayor of pingdingshan city, yang yingfeng, secretary of the lushan county party committee, as well as other governmental leaders. other notable attendees included: xu wenzhi, the general manager of sanxiang impression, zhang tao, the deputy general manager of sanxiang impression, xiong xiaoge, the chairman of idg capital global, pang liwei, the general manager of zhang yimou studio and director of impression wonders arts, along with other major leaders.

according to the agreement, impression wonders arts development co., ltd. will create two large-scale performance programs in the “yaoshan spring temple buddha” scenic area, exploring and restoring the human and cultural history of henan province, enriching local cultural tourism resources, enhancing the region’s cultural tourism experience, and promoting the upgrading of regional industries.


xu wenzhi, general manager of sanxiang impression, stated that sanxiang impression fully supports the idea of stationing the project in henan province.  because it is a performing arts organization committed to promoting china’s outstanding traditional culture, that takes its founder zhang yimou as its core, and has a team capable of the highest level of domestic art, as well as constantly improving its art for years, sanxiang impression art works enjoys an excellent reputation both at home and abroad. with this project, sanxiang impression has entered into henan province, the birthplace of the chinese nation and civilization, and will make every effort to both stay true to and fulfill the mission of highlighting the brilliant culture and long history of central plains by means of a wealth of artistic expressions, adding yet another beautiful cultural resource to the major economic province of henan.


impression wonders arts development co., ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of sanxiang impression co., ltd., and was established in march 2006, with its predecessor being the beijing impression culture and art center. it was launched by three directors: zhang yimou, wang chaoge, and fan yue.  in art, impression wonders arts development co., ltd. embodies the new practices of the unique artistic varieties worldwide. in business, it has created a cultural industry model with chinese characteristics. in effect, it plays an active part in "telling the chinese story, showing cultural charm, and promoting regional development". its world-renowned works include: the g20 summit theatrical performance--enduring memories of hangzhou, china's first landscape real-scene performance—impressions of liu sanjie, china's first indoor scene experience drama encore pingyao, china's first drifting, multi-dimensional experience drama zhiyinhao, the first silk road landing project for the national "the belt and road" initiative--encore dunhuang, among many others. among these performances, enduring memories of hangzhou won the special "five-one project" award of the 13th spiritual civilization construction in zhejiang province, impression liu sanjie won the "chinese cultural industry well-known brand", and impression da hong pao was rated as a "cultural industry base in fujian province".

in may 2016, sanxiang impression co., ltd. completed the 100% equity acquisition of impression wonders arts development co., ltd., using the development strategy of "accelerate the development of cultural industry, steadily develop the real estate industry and promote the collaboration and integration of the two industries", and establishing the business model of creating "culture real estate" dual major works. since then, it has successively produced two runs of the show “enduring memories of hangzhou”, as well as signed three projects for “the most memorable is shaoshan chong”, etc.

in may 2017, sanxiang impression co., ltd., idg capital, and yunfeng capital together signed a strategic cooperation agreement to integrate cultural tourism resources with the capital market. in the future, the company will adhere to its enterprise mission of "celebrating excellent traditional culture, navigating green-technology real estate, and boosting regional economic development", further optimizing its business structure, enhancing the company's ability to resist risks, and exerting the synergistic effect between its two principal works, in order to both achieve diversified development and promote the continuous growth of its business performance.

tianrui group is a shareholder owned enterprise group based in tourism, cement, casting, and internet logistics, and its tianrui tourism group co., ltd. relies on the eco-tourism advantages of funiu mountain, which has the three core tourism resources of buddhist culture, virgin forests, and hot springs.

the yaoshan - spring temple buddha scenic area is a national 5a tourist attraction, is a national geological park, and is one of the first batch of 17 national tourist resorts. its auspicious bronze bell weighs 116 tons and its 208 meter-high spring temple buddha statue towers over the scenic area. national experts have identified both of these as milestones in the history of casting . the yaoshan fuquan spring, with its spring water temperature of 67c°, is rich in more than 20 kinds of minerals and trace elements. in the future, we will focus on organically integrating three core tourism resources of “buddha, hill, and spring”, to create a first-rate national and international tourist resort destination and a shrine to buddhist culture.

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