"sanxiang haishang cloud mansion" wins the shanghai outstanding residence gold award


the election results for the 10th "shanghai outstanding residence" have been released. the "sanxiang haishang cloud mansion", which was developed and constructed by shanghai xiangding real estate co., ltd., a subsidiary of sanxiang impression co., ltd., has been awarded the highest award – the outstanding residence gold award.

as a major event in the real estate industry in shanghai, the election of the "shanghai outstanding residence" fully embodies the spirit of continuity, impartiality, authority, orientation, progress, and evolution, and fully reflects the improvements in the overall quality of shanghai residential construction, and in the construction of outstanding energy-saving and land-saving communities over the past two years.


the sanxiang haishang cloud mansion (chongming · sanxiang forest haishang) is located in the core of the binjiang ecological sports and leisure residential area, in chenjia town, dongtan, on chongming island, is close to the dongtan wetland of chongming island, and enjoys the fine air quality in the yangtze river delta. nature provides a wealth of rare and precious mountains and rivers here. the sanxiang haishang cloud mansion has created a high-end ecological residential area with an ultra-low plot rate.

the external walls of the project are ceramic plate curtain walls structured according to ventilation rain-curtain technology. the external doors and windows use a hollow, argon-filled, adiabatic double-glass system, configured with movable outer shading. portions of the external walls use the "swisspearl" dry-hanging panel system introduced from switzerland, which has superior material performance and expands the new ideas for domestic green building materials.


the community uses a solar photovoltaic power generation system to achieve the goal of generating solar power for its own use, while feeding the surplus power into the power grid. the system extends to every home through a distributed small grid-connected photovoltaic power supply method. each household uses a split-solar hot water system, all-glass u-type evacuated tube collectors, and cpc reflectors imported from germany.


in addition, the project has also combined and integrated the use of a same floor drainage system, concave herbaceous fields, a sink-style daylight courtyard, and many other green designs, achieving energy-saving targets throughout the whole operating cycle.


the chongming sanxiang forest haishang project genuinely deserves this award. it has integrated green technology into the building systems, has extensively developed the green concepts of energy conservation and environmental protection, creating a healthy and comfortable life for its residents, conforming to the needs of modern people.

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