sanxiang impression was invited to the shanghai international fair of architecture and urbanism a discussion of “green buildings and a healthy environment”


on october 31, the “2017 shanghai international fair of architecture and urbanism” was opened at the national convention and exhibition center. wang kuixing, an assistant to the general manager of sanxiang impression, was invited to take part and present the keynote speech on “green buildings and a healthy environment” of the event’s series of forums, in which he discussed the development of green and healthy buildings. the focus of his speech was on the standards for green buildings and a healthy environment and related cases, and he gave the speech to an audience of authoritative experts, well-known scholars, company representatives, and other professionals in the field.


as one of the important events of “world cities day”, the “shanghai international fair of architecture and urbanism” has been held for three years in a row, and it is a fixed brand activity of “world cities day”. it has also become a high-end display platform to demonstrate international and domestic achievements in urban planning and construction, promoting communication and cooperation between enterprises, while also exhibiting the level and achievements of shanghai’s urban management and construction.

currently, a “green buildings and a healthy environment” sub-forum has been developed, jointly launched by the shanghai green building operation management special committee of the green building council, and the shanghai architectural scientific research institute, among others. within this sub-forum, the “health china 2030 planning outline” was presented, which covers both green and healthy buildings, and considers the topic of how to create high-quality living environment, while listening to the exchange of thought .


sanxiang impression showed the strength of its science and technology for green and healthy housing, capturing the imaginations of everyone in the audience.


in the forum, wang kuixing began his keynote speech by describing the five dimensions of sanxiang’s healthy housing technology system. from there, he examined some model projects to explain the construction technology behind green and healthy housing, followed by a detailed introduction to sanxiang’s innovative technology, including its high-performance building envelope, its doors and windows system, its solar energy and building integration, and its air purification technology. he also discussed the formation of sanxiang’s independently developed technical system, which resulted from more than 10 years of technical accumulation. sanxiang has reached the highest health and comfort standards for the air quality of buildings, along with indoor sound, lighting, heat, humidity, and ergonomics, as a result of years of practice and exploration. sanxiang has continued gear itself toward international standards, encouraging people to exercise by establishing shared fitness facilities and vehicles, helping them to build a thoroughly healthy life, and greatly enhancing their quality of living by the addition of such humanistic services.

in advocating the concepts of green and healthy housing, sanxiang impression has been making the journey while exploring the road, always insisting on constant innovation and the wide application of green technology in its building systems. a number of sanxiang’s projects have obtained the three star green building certification, and in 2015 it formally joined the german sustainable commission (dgnb). sanxiang impression continuously exerts its great strength in green building, gathering a powerful momentum and leading the progress of the industry.

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