huang jian of sanxiang impression wins the annual shanghai green building contribution award


the 2016 individual award of "shanghai green building contribution award"


the 2016 shanghai green building contribution award was recently announced. the vice general manager huang jian of sanxiang impression co., ltd. won the shanghai green building contribution award, becoming a powerful leader in the field of green building throughout the city andreceivinga lot of public attention. it was reported that there were only 7 people who won the shanghai green building contribution award.


the selection process included several rounds of selection. a total of 16 projects, 7 individuals, 7 technologies and 8 products were singled out for making outstanding contributions to promoting the development of shanghai green buildings, playing a demonstration and leading role, and effectively advancing the healthy and rapid development of green buildings throughout the city. 


all individuals selected had many years of working experience in green buildings and project practice, participated in the research of multiple scientific research projects for green buildings and standard compilation, and made positive contributions to promoting industrial development with their expertise and persistence.


huang jian

deputy general manager of sanxiang impression co., ltd.

huang jian, the deputy general manager of sanxiang impression, who is responsible for the development and construction of green technology real estate for sanxiang impression, has forged an indissoluble bond with construction sites over the past two decades, and has accumulated a wealth of practical experience. he is acquainted with every project and a variety of technical standards and norms, and always goes to the construction site in person. he is dedicated to building quality management with the spirit of craftsmanship and always develops many unique ideas for both the organization and the integration of design for green buildings. additionally, he enjoys a high reputation in the industry as he has participated in the research and development of many national patents of the company and guides sanxiang impression in greatly improving  the innovation level of its green construction.


in particular, during the past ten years, under the leadership of huang jian, sanxiang impression has developed rapidly in both overall quality and in the quality of the green building sector, and has obtained many honors, including four green three stars, three green two stars, one national habitat demonstration project, and three shanghai energy-saving demonstration projects. in june 2015, sanxiang impression became the steering committee unit for the dgnb china committee, and was elected as one of the 12 steering committee members of the dgnb china committee.


china's top ten green real estate developers in 2013

china's top ten green real estate operations in 2015

sanxiang impression has been involved in real estate development for more than 20 years, and has always adhered to the concepts of green building development, which has formed a development pattern of large-scale, full coverage, and fast promotion. in the process, it has accumulated rich practical experience, formed a complete integrated technology system, built a series of standards, and pooled a large quantity of human resources and talent. in addition, it has created a number of influential green building demonstration projects, such as when it took the lead in introducing time-sharing ammeter for residential electricity consumption, and in implementing high-rise residential “integration of solar energy and architecture”. moreover, it took the lead in r & d to apply the “integration of indoor air purification and building”, with an anti-haze and haze reduction effect, and led the use of photovoltaic generation in low-rise residential projects on a large-scale to achieve “spontaneous private use, extra power online.” its development projects won the ministry of housing and urban-rural development “guangsha award”, the national “kangju demonstration project”, the national “quality project award”, the shanghai construction project “magnolia” award, the shanghai “gold award of excellent housing”, among others. furthermore, a number of independent research and development results won national patents, and the project ofkey technology application of comprehensive energy conservation for solar energy utilization and building in livable high - rise residential quarter won the shanghai prize for progress in science and technology, solidifying its market position among the leading “green technology real estate integrators”.

promote excellent traditional culture

lead green technology in real estate

boost regional economic development

in 2016, sanxiang impression extended a new development layout, the cross-border, dual main industries of “culture real estate”. in the future we will make full use of the outstanding innovation ability of green technology in real estate, developing the integration and coordination of the “culture real estate” double main industries, while deepening the culture of the whole scope of its industry chain services for the green real estate industry. we will become a comprehensive developer that has capacity throughout the overall process, from investment in tourism projects, planning and design, development, and operations, to operations management, bearing its mission, and making efforts to create a city of innovation, humanity, and ecology!


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