sanxiang (group) was honored as no. 14 in the top 50 real estate development enterprises in shanghai


september 26,the research report for the top 50 of real estate development enterprises in shanghai during 2015-2016 was released.

shanghai sanxiang (group) co., ltd. was honored on the list, achieving the excellent ranking of 14th.

the eighth top 50 real estate development enterprises in shanghai


the top 50 research led by the shanghai real estate industry association paid close attention to the development of shanghai real estate development enterprises. the comprehensive evaluation of the enterprises was analyzed from five aspects: annual operating performance, development potential, economic strength, social contribution, and brand management. with its strong credibility, the research has caught the attention and recognition of all sectors of the community and the relevant governmental departments.

the research result has become one of the important criteria for judging a real estate company’s comprehensive strength, and reflects the status of these real estate development enterprises in shanghai. it has also become one of the important references for project bidding and bank loans.

shanghai sanxiang (group) co., ltd. belongs to the business platform of the real estate development by sanxiang impression. based in the two major regions of yangtze river delta and beijing-tianjin-hebei, the company is an expert in green building development and construction, with product planning and design as well as engineering quality as its core business. supported by the regulation of internal operations and management, the enterprise has steadily increased its comprehensive strength and repeatedly been honored on the list of the "top 50 real estate development enterprises in shanghai".

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