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since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china, guided by the concept of green development, china's laws and regulatory framework related to environmental protection have been improving constantly, and the development of a recycling economy has increasingly become the consensus and action of industrial parks and enterprises. hence, ecological civilization and the concept of environmental protection continue to gain more and more popularity, and the green lifestyle has increasingly become the conscious choices of the masses.


reporters from the paper recently went to hubei, fujian, and shanghai to interview and record the current pulse of the “dual green” age.

he paper has successively published a series of reports on the “dual green” phenomenon since august 7, telling the stories of iconic buildings in shanghai and exploring the development of green buildings in residential areas.

based on the recommendation of the shanghai green building association, the nanxiang · sanxiang forest haishang residence has become one of the model green building projects in shanghai, and was the subject of a special report of the paper.

green mountains and rivers are mountains of gold and silver

sanxiang impression green property is creating the future

the nanxiang·sanxiang forest haishang is one of sanxiang impression’s real estate upgrade projects utilizing green technology. it has passed the national three-star green building certification, and won the shanghai construction project "magnolia" award. to win the "magnolia" award, the project must be a model project with representative and exemplary value.

the project widely implements green technology and energy conservation, reducing consumption and lowering carbon emissions as much as possible.

several major features:

  ☆ the first smog protected building built in shanghai. 

  ☆ solar energy and indoor air filtration are integrated into the building. 

  ☆ multiple green building technologies and systems integration applications have been implemented. 

  ☆ passive technologies conserve energy, while the capacity for active technologies increases energy, creating a healthy and comfortable living environment. 

integration of solar energy into the building

during the interview, the summer temperature was extremely high. the reporter found that many residents rolled down their black outer roller blind to block the scorching sunlight. speaking about this, li liqun, the senior engineer of sanxiang impression said, "on a hot day like today, the indoor heat load will increase the energy consumption of air conditioning. the main source of this heat load is sunlight, so we installed roller blinds, which block the light as much possible, with the ability to freely adjust the height to meet the lighting requirements of the room.

the outer roller blind

li liqun also introduced the air filtration system to the reporters, which earned a national invention patent when first applied at the nanxiang project. it uses a method of intaking air from the ground and exhausting the air from the rooftop, which can effectively reduce the pm to 2.5 in the house. its heat recovery function also reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioning, because after intake, the air from outdoors first passes through a pre-cooling process.

since 2017, china has begun implementing the assessment standards for healthy buildings. indoor air quality is an important indicator in the attainment of healthy buildings. the nanxiang project was the first anti-smog building built in shanghai, which is of great significance. this set of self-developed air cleaning systems’ cleaning effect on the particulate matter of the smog was tested by four third-party institutions. li liqun recalled, "during that time, we almost obsessively looked forward to the haze every day, so that the third parties’ detection would have a good comparison between indoors and outdoors, and the test results would be persuasive." in the end, the cleaning system did indeed pass the validation of these professional organizations.

air cleaning system

during the process of developing green buildings, sanxiang impression has gained a wealth of experience and actual implementation capability. green concepts have been integrated into the building’s primary structure from the inside out.

the "dual green" era of green development and green life is gradually passing from the ideal and entering reality. the green real estate of sanxiang impression faces this green future, exploring its infinite possibilities, and constantly climbing to new heights.

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