the 2017 list of shanghai top 100 enterprises has been released, with shanghai sanxiang (group) winning a number of awards


the 2017 shanghai top 100 enterprises conference was sponsored by the shanghai enterprise confederation, and on august 28, the shanghai entrepreneurs association and shanghai federation of industrial economics was held in the grand hall of the jinjiang hotel. more than 300 people, including leaders from the shanghai enterprise confederation, the shanghai federation of industrial economics, and representatives of the shanghai top 100 enterprises, attended the meeting. at the conference, lists of the 2017 shanghai top 100 enterprises, the top 100 shanghai manufacturing enterprises, the top 100 shanghai service enterprises, the 2017 top 100 shanghai private enterprises, the top 100 shanghai private manufacturing enterprises, and the top 100 shanghai service enterprises were released.

shanghai sanxiang (group) co., ltd. won three honors this year:2017 top 100 shanghai private enterprises (no.48),2017 top 100 shanghai service enterprises (no.31), and2017 top 100 shanghai service enterprises (no.63).

the selection of 2017 top 100 shanghai enterprises used 2016 business income from enterprises as its selection standard. within the context of the new normal economic development, shanghai achieved good results in innovation-driven development, and in economic transformation and upgrading. the top 100 enterprises continued to maintain a high rate of growth in business income, net profit, asset size, total profits, taxes, and other major economic indicators and aspects in 2016, with the business scale of enterprises continuing to maintain an expansion trend.

the list also showed that private enterprises in shanghai have grown rapidly, with business scale continuing to expand, and economic benefits continuing to be maintained. the top 100 private enterprises have maintained a strong business vitality, even under the downward pressure of economic growth.

shanghai sanxiang (group) co., ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of sanxiang impression co., ltd., is subordinate to real estate business sector of the two major works, "culture real estate", of sanxiang impression, and is mainly engaged in green real estate development. facing the policy and market regulations for the real estate industry last year, under which a variety of unstable and uncertain factors were introduced, the company responded actively, and strove to adapt its operations, continually improving the operational quality and benefits of the enterprise.

in 2016, sanxiang impression completed the acquisition of impression wonders arts development co., ltd. the company is adapting, adjusting, taking innovation and reform as its corporate strategy, in addition to team building, business development, resource integration and other aspects. it strives to expand the advantages and performance of its natural endowment in green real estate and cultural tourism, improving the quality of its enterprise development and operational efficiency, making itself better and more resilient, while continuing to make new contributions to the economic development of shanghai!

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