sanxiang decoration holds a resource sharing meeting


in order to better promote the company's brand strength, and expand its decoration business along multiple channels, a few days ago sanxiang decoration company held a "sanxiang resource sharing meeting" in chongming sanxiang senlin haishang. more than 20 material suppliers participated in the sharing activities at the site, with owners braving high temperatures to come here, and showing great interest in the decoration quality of the model rooms. the event was full of joy and had a very cheerful atmosphere.

at the sharing session, sanxiang decoration introduced to the owners the company's advantages in design, technology, construction, material supply, post-maintenance, etc., demonstrating the fine decoration case, allowing the owners to learn more about the strengths of sanxiang decoration, and know exactly what choices they have for decoration.

the keynote designer also gave us a wonderful lecture, teaching feng shui knowledge concerning house layouts and the design ideas for color matching, and illustrated the advanced level of sanxiang decoration in the application of green technology, energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, as well as the strict selection of materials and equipment suppliers, and perfect after-sales service. participants were given an interpretation of sanxiang decoration's way of operating with "winning with details, quality, and good faith," making the owners feel encouraged and relieved. many owners also had one-to-one exchanges with the company's technical staff and suppliers, asking about their concerns, and were provided with a full range of answers. thanks to our sincere service, we won the trust of these owners. after the sharing meeting, we also held a lucky draw activity, which went over great with the crowd.

the sharing meeting was welcomed by the owners, and they all concurred: we've seen the comprehensive strength of sanxiang decoration, we've seen its heartfelt sincerity in serving owners. if there is something to be decorated, we'll give the job to sanxiang because sanxiang’s decoration is more professional, and we can feel relieved, unworried, and comfortable.

the company will organize another series of several sharing activities to benefit more owners.

sanxiang decoration possesses the building decoration construction grade a qualification and design grade b qualification, and has been successively honored as an industry integrity unit for many years. in recent years, the excellent decoration technology and the continued high level and skill of its decoration have made sanxiang green tech building even better, and it has received high praise from external markets such as poly real estate.



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