yang guohua from sanxiang property won the title of "the most beautiful property staff in shanghai"


a few days ago, the selection activity for the first session of "the most beautiful property staff in shanghai", launched by the shanghai property management association, was announced in shanghai. comrade yang guohua from sanxiang property stood out and was honored with the title of "the most beautiful property staff in shanghai". sanxiang property was named as the excellent organizer of the selection activity for "the most beautiful property staff".

the event was held in february 2017. 100 people from "the most beautiful property staff in shanghai" and 10 people from among the excellent organizers of the event were ranked from more than 3,000 property service enterprises and 840,000 employees, through recommendations, network voting, expert reviews, field visits of the entire city's residence communities, property service enterprises, residents' committees, owners committees, and the majority of owners.

yang guohua has been engaged in the management of property services for 15 years. he is always the first to endure hardships and the last to share in comforts. he cherishes his post and devotes himself wholeheartedly to work, bearing difficulties without complaint, and infecting everyone around him with his great enthusiasm for work and his hardworking attitude. he was praised as a "community manager who loves his work, gets things done, does practical work and is reliable" by the employees and owners. on every holiday, he remains at his post, leaving the opportunity of taking vacation to others. though he implements a strict management style, he is not imperious, and he is friendly but not indulgent. during work, he moves people with emotion and convinces people with reasoning. he often has a heart-to-heart talk with his staff, cares about them, is considerate to them, and helps them solve the difficulties in their lives. his business skills are at the highest level, but he still insists on developing his professional knowledge, and pays close attention to the improvement of his qualities and work level. in addition, he does not withhold his own experience, and he personally teaches, helps, and trains the employees, training a group of thoughtful property management staff with great patience, perseverance, and circumspection.

yang guohua has managed two residential communities with a combined area of nearly 320,000 square meters, with a heavy workload. although he workload is heavy, he never complains of difficulties or fatigue. one night, an owner in the second floor reported a blockage in his bathroom, yang guohua left his sick daughter at home and rushed to be the first to the scene. after a preliminary examination, it was necessary to dredge a bathroom on the first floor, which was rejected by the owner of the first floor. yang guohua did not give up, and he communicated frequently throughout the night. moving the owner with feeling and persuading him with reason, the owner on the first floor was finally moved to allow the property party to enter the house for dredging maintenance, and yang guohua also promised that he would personally coordinate the subsequent recovery work in the house of the first floor owner. after the unremitting efforts of yang guohua, the maintenance work was successfully completed, and received unanimous praise from both the two owners.

in the face of residential renovation problems arising from construction, he personally led the staff, spent half a month, and completely changed the dirty, disorganized and poor circumstances in the community, creating a clean environment for the residents. in the face of the problems of narrow roads and numerous cars in the community, he asked every security guard to do their duty, increased his visits, and regardless of day or night, was diligent in his command and coordination efforts,  giving the owners the greatest sense of security.

in exchange for his hard work, he has received the praise of the owners, and has also received the approval from the governmental department in charge of his area. the property fee collection rate in the community managed by him has remained above 95% for a long time, owner satisfaction is above 98%, and the community also scores high in the satisfaction evaluation organized by the city. what's more, there are owners saying: "we are relieved that a good leader like manager yang is here!" whenever he hears this he smiles a little, and says "the results belong to our collective". he is indeed such a modest man! the most beautiful property administrator in our hearts!


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