sanxiang property awarded the title “civilized unit in shanghai 2015-2016”


      the spiritual civilization work meeting of shanghai municipality 2017 announced a series of lists, including civilized industries in shanghai, civilized units in shanghai, and civilized communities in shanghai. shanghai sanxiang property service co., ltd. made the list of “civilized units in shanghai 2015-2016”, the 18th selection year, an achievement it has earned for four consecutive years. at the same time, sanxiang shijihuacheng (phase iii) was awarded the title of “civilized units in shanghai”.


      according to the overall goal of constructing civilized units in shanghai, under the construction index system, sanxiang property is closely following the requirements of spiritual and civilized construction works in the city. during its years of development, starting from corporate business, the company has made huge efforts to promote its business development, enhance the quality of its personnel, cultivate its corporate culture, and build up harmonious labor relationships. in addition, sanxiang property has worked hard to carry forward spirit of the city, create a good corporate image. and facilitate harmonious social progress, creating important value for society, and reflecting the company’s fruitful outcomes in its spiritual and civilized construction. 

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