china chengxin has raised the credit rating of sanxiang impression


recently, china chengxin securities rating co., ltd. issued a report tracking and rating the credit standing of sanxiang impression co., ltd. and its “2016 corporate bonds”. according to the report, the corporate credit rating of sanxiang impression was raised to aa, and the rating outlook remained constant; the credit rating of a “16 sanxiang bond” was raised to aa .


the security rating of china chengxin has a business operation permit from the china securities regulatory commission and the people’s bank of china. it is mainly engaged in credit rating in securities and the credit market, and is one of the largest credit rating institutions providing credit ratings for the securities market in china. at present, its market share is much higher than the other companies providing bond ratings in the domestic securities market.


the company successfully issued 1 billion yuan of corporate bonds in march of 2016, and china chengxin securities rating co., ltd. evaluated its corporate level as aa-, and its debt level at aa. 2016 was also the first year that sanxiang impression implemented its strategic transformation of “culture property”. the company had completed the contract signing on 3 new projects and the public performance of 2 new projects within half a year of the merger and acquisition of impression wonders by the end of the year, based on the strategic objective of “accelerating the development of cultural industry and steadily developing the real estate industry”.


the raising of the credit rating of the company indicates that the brand strength of sanxiang impression and impression wonders has become consolidated and enhanced. the company will seize future opportunities in the industry, and actively exert the cooperative means of both double major works and seeking effective linkage in resources, brands, and projects, to produce long-term and steady achievements and contributions. the future development of sanxiang impression is more worth the wait than ever.

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