deliver business counseling to door assist new projects in hangzhou


      recently, the main principals of the hr department, project management department and the office of sanxiang impression co., ltd. and related personnel came to hangzhou sanxiang impression real estate co., ltd. to carry out "delivering training to your door" business counseling and new employee training using the "integrating into sanxiang for rapid growth" as the theme. the training aims to help new employees to further deepen the understanding of sanxiang's cultural ideas, values, business philosophy and development concepts, master the company's internal control requirements, work processes, and rules and regulations, enhance the synergy of the new company and headquarters and improve the identity of new employees to the company.

       once arriving at the company office of hangzhou project, the training team respectively conducted professional training for staff of all centralized lines. project management department combined with the actual work case, explained the project management process, cleared the relevant definition, implementation scope and solution, made hangzhou engineering staff get familiar with the project quality dynamic assessment methods, project visa management process and project budget management process, so that trainees could conduct effective control in the future project implementation process according to system and process. the hr department and the office respectively checked the personnel and administrative work, reviewed the relevant information and standing books, comprehensively combed the human resources workflow and administrative business norms, gave suggestions for improvement and provided a guarantee for the smooth implementation and effective operation of personnel and administrative work of hangzhou project.

       the hr department also spent two days conducting concentrated training for the all the new staff of hangzhou project, used the method of lecturer lecturing, classroom discussions, case studies, video playback and other means to introduce the company as a whole and its internal rules and systems, which made new employees fully understand the history, the status quo and future prospects of sanxiang impression, improve the cognition of company's “real estate culture” dual staple business strategy, be familiar with the company's professional ethics and professional ethics and other requirements, to let new employees fully understand sanxiang impression, and integrate into sanxiang, and grow up rapidly.

       "delivering the school to door" of the relevant functional departments in the headquarters is warmly welcomed by all staff of the company of hangzhou project, they are confident that the project is well done while thanking the headquarters for caring and guiding the staff of hangzhou project.

       with the development of off-site projects, the output of the company's management in the future will be a normalcy, the service and guidance of each functional departments to the new projects in different places will be seamless docking, the form will be more diversified to help the new company to grow faster.

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