a respectable event of blood donation


       recently, a group of over 30 employees from sanxiang impression took part in the annual blood donation without payment event. over the past decade, sanxiang impression has been carrying out the blood donation without payment event, which has become an indispensable part of the company in terms of its spiritual civilization construction, either become a social responsibility that sanxiang employees undertake conscientiously. therefore, even without making an ideological mobilization, many employees would actively take part in the blood donation without payment event every year, of which, some of them repeatedly have donated blood for consecutive years.

      blood donation shall follow such procedures as physical examination and blood test. among the donation employees, a small girl has just finished her blood donation. when she was asked “do you fear it?” li fang from the purchase center of sanxiang impression answered quietly: “actually, i did feel a little nervous for the first blood donation, but when i realized that the donation blood could help many more people, i had the courage again. now i had finished the donation, i found that it is not as horrible as i imagined, and i feel proud of my decision to donate blood!” the small girl said in a quiet manner, but her behavior is as great as a macho man. 

    mr. meng from decoration department of sanxiang impression has worked for the company for 2 years, who has donated blood for 2 times. his spirit is admirable and he said that he will continue to donate blood; what is more? engineer xia is a respectable man, who once took the initial to serve as a substitute and took a taxi to the hospital to donate when he heard that a donation employee feels to pass the physical examination. over 20 employees from sanxiang construction actively took part in the blood donation event all at once, showing their unyielding spirit to blood donation!

       sanxiang impression has been organising blood donation around june 14 each year since 2005 to support the world blood donor day. that is another instance of the company’s social commitment. 
        the company had adjusted work arrangements and prepared nourishing food for the brave blood donors so that they could get proper rest afterwards.  

authentic emotion will circulate with the donation blood.

thank you for your kind blood donation!

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