zhiyinhao, we are coming! director fan, you are terrific!


       hankou in summer night was a little sultry and noisy. strolling around in riverbank wharf to enjoy the broad river surface, flowing ships and the grassland & blossoming flowers. people were gathering to one direction as the magnificent liner “zhiyinhao” was waiting for her intimate guests.

       zhiyinhao, we are coming! on jun. 24, part of sanxiang employees could not help exposing their excitement and expectation, the forecasted rainstorm did not come, so the gloomy feeling was broke up, and the wonders were unexpectedly following continually……

       liner “zhiyinhao” is currently the only performance-themed ship in china’s inland rivers, which started to be built in september of 2015. director fan yue spent two years’ hard working to successfully create the world’s first “floating multi-dimensional experience drama” in wuhan’s yangtzer river region. liner“zhiyinhao”, which jointly invested by wuhan tourism development & investment group co., ltd., sanxiang impression co., ltd. and wuhan jianghan chaozong group co., ltd., reproduced the life panorama of greater wuhan region during 1920s to 1930s with zhiyin culture as the soul and the greater hankou yangtzer river culture as the background.

       since the public performance of the first yangtzer river’s floating multi-dimensional experience drama “zhiyinhao” on may 20, which was created by director fan yue, it was highly praised by all works of life and attracted numerous foreign tourists. the drama also aroused a popularity within sanxiang impression, many employees showed great curiosity to the floating drama…… what? how could a performance be performed on board? wow, the ship is still shipping in the river while performing the drama! ah? could the audience communicate with the actors? sign, when we can go to watch the drama? this time, the first batch of employees will firstly come to explore and watch, further understand our company’s strategic transformation and fast acknowledge and comprehend the cultural industry through exploring “zhiyinhao”.

       when we strolling around along the river bank, occasionally there are people coming to us for more “zhiyinhao” drama tickets. it was said that the drama was so welcomed that the tickets could only be bought until a few months later. having the splendid & old-fashioned steamed liner “zhiyinhao” in sight remotely, we felt more and more eager and was wondering how would it feel to travel by the cross-century huge liner? we walked by the ladders with the imagination in mind, traveled through lounge bridge, many newspaper boys, shouting peddlers, gentlemen with suitcases and bowler hats and ladies with cheongsams hurriedly catching the ship all moved back and forth, and we felt to back to hundred years ago in a moment. some of us occasionally stopped to stare, some frequently made selfies, and some female colleagues even changed cheongsams and they became graceful immediately.

surprise i

taking a photo with director fan by chance

       we followed the stream of people to step on the quay waiting for boarding. it was a good place to take pictures, the jinrikishas, vintage cars, impressive seamen, dedicated violinists all matched up with yangtzer river & liner “zhiyinhao” and composed unique scenery. after 7:30 p.m., more and more tourists gathered here with cheering and laughing, one colleague suddenly noticed:”it seems to be director fan, he is there”. a graceful man wearing a light green jacket was leaning over the handrail, who was chatting with others happily. we felt exceptionally excited when we encountered director fan by chance, we thought it a valuable chance to meet director fan, so we wanted to take a picture with him! however, could the famous director agree the request? finally, we took courage to close him and asked: “director fan, we are employees of sanxiang impression, today we purposely came to watch the performance, could you take picture with us?” director fan agreed at once by saying ”ok”, then stepped toward us, all of us applauded for him, then we took pictures with him jubilantly, director fan always kept a smile on his face, and took pictures with all patiently.

surprises ii

audience were invited to dance in ballroom

       the siren was blowing, people were queueing up for boarding, when we walked into the cabin, the various scenes of past events were unveiled to us, which made us fuse into wuhan circumstance in 1930s. our excited emotion was smooth gradually, immersed into the stories, and personally met with the famous actors of kunqu opera, war correspondents, newspaper girls, barbers…… the dark shadows and lights with sounds made us exposed to the national dream and love affairs in that turbulent historical background. everybody would feel lonely and miserable without an intimate friend.

       it turned out to appear another circumstance when we got to splendid floor one, the graceful music and dance brought us to the classic picture of “titanic”. when the music changed, the dancers walked to the border of ballroom and invited the tourists to dance together, some of our female colleagues accepted with pleasure, walked into the dancing floor gracefully and danced with the lyric. they never forgot to tell the counterparts that “we come from shanghai sanxiang impression, and we are one family.” during the interval of transfer, some colleagues also experienced the actors in seats before leaving.

surprise iii

obtaining director’s signature on top deck

      half journey completed, we boarded on the top deck and viewed the scenery on both banks, the scenery was filled with high buildings, comfortable river wind and graceful dance, we joined in the dancing group and expressed our delighted mood. when we turned around, we found director fan again. someone proposed if we could get a signature from director fan? hah, we all felt sorry for our more requests! some “brazen” colleagues took their tickets to director fan, it was unexpected that director fan still kept his smile and gave them signature. when they came back with director fan’s signature, we thought director fan a really respectable director. he is a famous personality, but he never showed arrogance and always behaved in an intimate profile, it is no surprising that his works are so plain and popular.

surprise iv

the emotion will last forever

       the journey took 70 minutes and ended with people’s praise, it was more beautiful in night, “zhiyinhao” made hankou nights embody of the brightness of era. regardless of past, now or future, everyone is in the way to look for intimate friends, human life is just like a song, when the music ends, the emotion still lasts.

       when we walked out of the wharf with sentiments, director fan yue came to us again and kindly asked us: “do you like the drama?” we almost said with one voice “we like it very much!” he made a bow with hands folded in front of chest and said “it is a good work as long as you like it”. we watched director fan’s back for long time, repaid a great homage to him as director fan not only has a super artistic creativity, creating a novel city cultural name card for wuhan and offering people with rich spiritual wealth, but also has an outstanding personality and intimate character, building a solid friendship between artists and the masses.

“zhiyinhao” made us love wuhan, hankou and director fan

director fan, you are terrific!

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      since the m & a of impression wonders arts development co., ltd (impression wonders) by sanxiang impression in may of 2016, the total amount of performance projects has been increasing rapidly, the performance forms have been innovated continuously. aiming at “telling chinese stories well, showing chinese cultural glamour, promoting the regional development”, sanxiang impression made a steady and prosperous development in the path of its transformation. in the future, our company will well utilize the helper effect of the two key businesses, further optimize the business structure, achieve the diversified development, enhance corporate anti-risk capability and push the business performance forward continuously based on the development strategy of “fast develop cultural industry and steadily develop real estate industry.”

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