sanxiang impression donates for education and “long-distance running of love” campaign contributes to hometown


on may-26, the educational donation event for education by sanxiang impression co., ltd. kicked off in tongmu teaching unit of chuanxing town school, yanling county, zhuzhou city, hunan province. the committee of yanling county, bureau of education and chuanxing town people’s government of zhuzhou city participated the donation ceremony together.

in the donation ceremony, the secretary of sanxiang impression co., branch & chairman of labor party-chen jian donated rmb 77225 in cash and 100 school uniforms to tongmu teaching unit on behalf of chairman of board of directors-huang hui and all the charitable staff of sanxiang impression co., ltd., simultaneously, he also encouraged all the students to study hard, live happily, grow up to be the useful talents, and then better establish their hometown and service for the society.

as early as 2014, our company has jointed partnership with tongmu teaching unit in terms of educational donation, our company has donated the goods and equipment such as books, computers, water heaters and so on, which greatly improved the teaching condition of the teaching unit. the leader of our company said that tongmu teaching unit should be made as a pilot unit of donation to yanling education, from now on, the charitable donation event should be carried out for a long term, devoting to improve the teaching condition of yanling school education and creating a better study environment for the students in mountainous area.

in the charitable event, people from sanxiang impression co., ltd. embodied their corporate image and human caring of bravely taking responsibility with their practical actions. in the future, sanxiang impression co., ltd. will take its social responsibility, make the love pass on continuously, make dedication become a custom, make warmth become a strength, make affection spread out continuously and make charity become the normality.

charity, sanxiang impression co., ltd. is always on the way!

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