meet jack ma on zhiyin hao


on the evening of may 20, jack ma, chairman of alibaba group boarded zhiyin hao where he appreciated the namesake show and exchanged opinions on jointly promoting the culture industry with director fan yue, sanxiang impression ceo xu wenzhi, idg global chairman xiong xiaoge, and yunfeng capital co-founder and chairman yu feng.

jack ma arrives at the wharf

the impression team pose for a group photo

a photo on the ship

chairman mao, who grew up in shaoshanchong, hunan wrote after swimming across the yangtze river “eating the wuchang fish, after drinking the changsha water”. 60 years later, sanxiang impression, an ambitious company with deep ties to chairman mao’s home province came to navigate the yangtze river with a period-inspired steamship, zhiyin hao.

global premiere of zhiyin hao

zhiyin hao, the first interactive play staged on the yangtze river was launched in shangri-la hotel, wuhan. the play was created by mr. fan yue, a member of the creative team behind the opening ceremony of the beijing olympics and supported by sanxiang impression.

director fan yue talks about zhiyin hao’s creative inspiration

zhiyin hao was made possible by the tripartite cooperation between wuhan, the cradle of chu culture; fan yue, a well respected artist noted for his creativity and talent in scenic design; and sanxiang impression, owner of the impression brand and a strong advocate for traditional chinese culture.

the launch ceremony was attended by xu wenzhi, ceo of sanxiang impression; chen jingsong, chairman of impression wonders; chen yongshu,the municipal publicity head; dong zhixiang, chairman of  wuhan tourism development & investment group and director fan yue. also present were sanxiang executives, officials from the municipal government, and representatives of over 80 media outlets and investment institutions.

sanxiang impression ceo addresses the audience

ms. li shuyong, head of the municipal publicity department commends zhi yinhao

dong zhixiang, chairman of wuhan tourism development & investment group delivers a speech

sanxiang impression ceo exchanges views with director fan yue

the steamship zhiyin hao had been built over a period of two years starting in september, 2015 as the theater for the namesake play created by director fan yue and funded by wuhan tourism development& investment group, sanxiang impression and wuhan chaozong group. the play reenacted life scenes in the 20s and 30s in wuhan.  the interactive show was intended as a living museum of wuhan and a beautiful emotional experience. the audience, once onboard the steamship, would be immersed in the environment and become part of the city memories. the distinction between “in the audience” and “on the stage” was eliminated as there was no stage. the audience, instead of sitting through the show, could walk in and out of the passenger cabins, take a stroll on the deck and even have a drink. the unconventional play would offer a glimpse into what life was like back then.

stage stills

zhiyin hao represented a new art form and a milestone for sanxiang impression which had acquired impression wonders last may and diversified into the culture industry. it would contribute to the brand influence and performance of the company.

acquisition of impression wonders marked a strategic partnership rooted in the common goals of promoting traditional chinese culture and achieving greater growth. director zhang yimou and influential institutional investors including idg capital and yunfeng capital  became stake holders of sanxiang impression following the acquisition. impression wonders led by directors zhang yimou, wang chaoge and fan yue was a standard bearer in the creative art and tourism industry. it created and licensed the best art projects and cooperated only with  a select few of tourist destinations in china.  with four brands most memorable, impression, encore and coming home, the company had created the first performance in a natural setting (impression liusanjie)and the first indoor interactive play(encore pingyao). other works included: most memorable is hangzhou, the opening gala of the g20 summit by zhang yimou, highly commended by heads of governments; encore dunhuang and encore malacca by wang chaoge, an echo of the spirit of the one silk one road and an advocate of ties between different peoples; and zhiyin hao by fan yue,a patriotic expression and a cultural ambassador for wuhan. impression wonder’s spectacular works were viewed by 5.3 million audience each year, generating a box office revenue of 1.1 billion yuan and contributing to local image and development.

ms. li shuyong, head of the municipal publicity department commended zhi yinhao’s role in promoting the local culture industry at the premiere. she said “zhiyin hao lighted the cultural scroll of the yangtze river.” dong zhixiang, chairman of wuhan tourism development & investment group shared stories behind the successful cooperation. director fan yue introduced the creative process and shared his thoughts. the audience was greatly touched by his passion for art, local culture and the project.

xu wenzhi and chen jingsong congratulate director fan yue

sanxiang impression ceo xu wenzhi congratulated the creative team on the success of the premiere and expressed his gratitude to the municipal government and sanxiang impression’s partners. he remarked that zhang yimou, wang chaoge and fan yue were leading directors who had deep love for traditional chinese culture and whose creativity had touched hundreds of thousands of audience. sanxiang impression was proud of them and planned to continue its endeavour in the culture sector with more investments and a larger talent pool. the company would achieve synergies between real estate and culture through rapid expansion in the culture sector and a steady growth of its real estate business. 


sanxiang impression ceo xu wenzhi shares the company’s

      vision for its culture business

 mr. xu wenzhi added that culture needed to be preserved and passed on to future generations. what sanxiang impression was doing-- telling good chinese stories, demonstrating the charm of traditional culture, promoting regional economy, contributing to culture export, delivering the message of peace and friendliness, and facilitating exchanges--would benefit our children and grandchildren.

china was endowed with rich tourist resources, therefore, sanxiang impression could cooperate, not only with wuhuan, but also with other cities of great potential, to enhance soft power and promote culture. sanxiang impression hoped to elevate the city image and facilitate growth in partnership with city governments. the company also wanted to cooperate with artists and investors with the same ambitions. 

a show could exert lasting impact on a city. most memorable is hangzhou, the opening gala of the g20 summit, not only made director zhang yimou a household name, but also endeared hangzhou to the international audience. mr. xu said he believed zhiyin hao would also make director fan yue and wuhan more famous. 


stage stills

a steamboat floating on the yangtze river would take you back to the bygone days. the boat would navigate the great landscape and whistle a beautiful ode to wuhan.

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