run for mother earth


sanxiang impression, a strong advocate for healthy and green living organised a race to celebrate earth day on april 22. 

chongming island was to shanghai as long island was to new york. blossoms in april made chongming one of the best destinations to savour springtime. sanxiang impression brought together a group of sports lovers on the island on earth day to advocate green mobility and a healthy lifestyle. 

y 9 o’clock in the morning, all participants, guests and the media had gathered at the experience center of chongming sanxiang forestcurio, a new development on the island by sanxiang impression. warming up while breathing in the refreshing air, every one was excited.

runners were lined up based on their chosen activity: 5km happy run or 10 km athletic run and cheerleading began on 9: 45. 


go !

the starting pistol went off at 10 o’clock and participants, led by the sanxiang impression team and professional pacers, unlocked their inner athletes. though their capabilities differed, runners all tried their best as for them, running was not merely a hobby, but a belief. 

health and happiness first

running to embrace nature

running past fun and motivating banners

each step forward was accompanied by bright sunlight and refreshing air. banners along the way were at once motivating and amusing.

for health and environmental awareness

let us run !

at 11:30, the last runner ran past the finish line. winners received their certificates of completion, medals and prizes. the organiser had prepared generous prizes: garmin forerunner 235 running watches, adidas adizero adios boost, and compressport calf sleeves respectively for first, second and third prize winners. 

sports are about skills as much as speed

the best sports coaches from top clubs were invited to share their knowledge in the gym after the tea break. there were also first aid and yoga sessions for everyone.

the race was an opportunity to take a break from city life and get moving. events like this would be organised often at the experience center to promote environmental awareness and a healthy and green lifestyle. that would echo the design concept of the development: green living facilitated by state-of-the-art building systems and innovation to protect nature. 

sanxiang impression has been developing chongming sanxiang forestcurio with the same passion as the runners. the development features 15000 sq. m of woods providing fresh air all the year round for prestigious property owners. 

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