happy labour day


“spirit of the craftsman”has become one of the defining features of excellence in this era. it means dedication, enthusiasm, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. these qualities reflect a strong sense of responsibility and inner drive. 

we are privileged to have coworkers with these inspiring qualities.

we would like to pay a special tribute to  workers on this special day. 

zhou fuhai started out as a migrant worker from sichuan province. he is now a certified constructor with multiple awards, including excellent worker for construction quality of 2014, excellent migrant worker in yangpu district 2015/16, and a may 1st medal in 2017.

zhou fuhai joined shanghai sanxiang construction & interior design execution co., ltd as a quality controller in 2009 and has worked his way up. he is now vice general manager of the quality department of the company.

seeing him for the first time, you would not fail to notice his amazing sincerity and modesty. years of experience with quality control has made attention to detail and prudence his defining characteristics.

focusing on quality is my duty to the country and society and also my lifetime goal.  ---zhou fuhai 

rome wasnt built in a day

zhou’s experience and expertise do not come easy: they are a result of 9 years of hard work in shanghai sanxiang construction & interior design execution co., ltd.

zhou fuhai believes that quality is of paramount importance to each project. he tackles technical challenges with confidence and never relaxes the standard despite a tight schedule. he promotes new techniques, technologies and materials. his effort pays off. he has contributed to multiple award-winning projects: sanxiang futurecoast(the magnolia award and the shanghai award for structural excellency); nanxiang sanxiang forestcurio (the magnolia award and a demonstration project);  sanxiang xianghong plaza (the magnolia award);and zhangjiang sanxiang curio (golden award for excellent residential projects).

a good worker and supervisor

excellent managers are good at passing on their skills, experience and passion to their team. zhou fuhai is such an inspiring manager. he compiled an handbook on preventing common issues in construction which provides guidance on preventing quality issues such as leakage and cracks.

zhou fuhai often organises training sessions for his team. these sessions, covering every aspect of the construction process, have contributed to the development of a skilled team.

zhou fuhai and his team participated in a skill competition organised by yangpu district and won the first prize in 2015.

innovation for greater progress

spirit of the craftsman propels people to innovate; and innovation drives progress.

zhou fuhai launched a quality management & assessment system in 2015. the system, enabled by internet technologies, can track every aspect of the construction process and provides a scientific basis for quality management.


typical of a sagittarius, zhou fuhai is humorous,optimistic, frank and honest.“i am grateful to sanxiang for the opportunities,”zhou said feelingly. he felt lucky that he had been working in a nurturing environment with trusting leaders.

sanxiang impression values hard work and its employees. sanxiang impression is the place where every employee can thrive.

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