zhang yimou directs at final rehearsal


on the evening of april 28, the anticipatory quietness of west lake was broken by music from the rehearsal scene: most memorable is hangzhou, the opening show for the g20 summit was to be relaunched after adaption. 

zhang yimou, the brilliant director had once again captured the imagination of nation wide audience with the g20 gala. relaunch of the show was therefore long expected. the adapted version would be playing regularly to provide a window into chinese culture.

zhang yimou was spotted at the crowded rehearsal scene, examining each detail  and giving final instructions. 

over 70% of the g20 elements were kept. apart from replacement of clair de lune by colorful clouds chasing the moon, a chinese orchestra, the programmes would be largely the same. fascinating scenes from the g20 gala, including beautiful fans and the swan lake, would be reproduced. the adapted version would be ended with the same namesake piece by sha baoliang, a famous singer, as mr. zhang yimou spoke highly of the lyrics and music.

the show would provide the audience with a vivid impression of hangzhou, mr. zhang yimou said during an interview after the rehearsal. for natives and tourists who had not watched the original gala, the adapted version would prove to be breathtakingly amazing. in zhang’s opinion, west lake was unique because of its cultural connections and natural beauty. staging of classics such as swan lake on west lake, a world cultural heritage site was a poetic combination of beauty, art, and hi-tech. 

most memorable is hangzhou is to be staged regularly from today on as an update to impression west lake. 

most memorable is hangzhou explores a new form of expression for traditional culture and offers a new possibility in the context of growing cultural needs. diverse techniques and elements, including folklore, classics, fashion and hi-tech are combined to tell the chinese story. the potential of this new art form is indicated by the warm response it has received.

sanxiang impression co., ltd made a strategic step in the culture sector with 100% acquisition of impression wonders arts development co., ltd in 2016. impression wonders arts development co., ltd started out as a subsidiary of impression creative inc. founded by idg capital and leading directors zhang yimou, wang chaoge and fan yue in march, 2006 in beijing. yunfeng capital was brought in as another shareholder of impression creative inc. in 2010. influential players in the field, including mr. zhang yimou, idg capital and yunfeng capital thus became sanxiang impression’s shareholders following the acquisition. 

impression wonders has built its success on performances in natural settings and interactive performances, with four prestigious brands renowned for combining tradition with innovation: most memorable, impression, encore and home returning. high profile projects launched or well under way include most memorable is hangzhou, the opening gala of the g20 summit; encore dunhuang, a celebration of the proud heritage of the one silk one road; encore malacca, an ode to the maritime silk route; impression liu sanjie, china’s first location-based show in a natural setting; encore pingyao, china’s first indoor interactive play; and zhiyinhao, an immersive play staged on the yangtze river.

more information: most memorable is hangzhou starts to play twice daily from april 30. according to previous schedule for impression west lake, performance will be suspended during january and february and resumed on march 1. booking is open. tickets can be purchased onsite (yuemiao square) or booked online.

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