hangzhou project well underway


as a strategic move of the company, the development project in hangzhou has been a focus of attention since land acquisition early this year. general manager xu wenzhi and vice general manager huang jian visited the project site recently. ms. pu jiawei, head of hangzhou sanxiang impression property co., ltd, accompanied them. 

this was the first plot the company had acquired in hangzhou in view of market changes and the city’s potential, mr. xu noted after the site visit. sustained economic development in hangzhou, regarded as another first tier city in the making, provided foundation and momentum for local real estate market. moreover, the acquired plot was located in jianggan district, a key player in the eastward expansion of the downtown area and the site of the g20 summit. the district, with numerous untapped resources, presented great possibilities for the company. 

mr. xu said as sanxiang impression’s first fully-owned subsidiary outside of shanghai, hangzhou sanxiang impression property co., ltd was expected to represent the parent company’s endeavour in hangzhou, rather than just an implementer of the ongoing project. to that end, mr. xu called on each coworkers to contribute their effort.

mr. huang yuxin, head of the company’s construction business also led his team to hangzhou to discuss construction related issues with the hangzhou team. 

ms. pu jiawei expressed her confidence in the project and the company’s potential in hangzhou.

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