strategy and investment committee convenes third meeting


the strategy and investment committee of the sixth board of directors of sanxiang impression co., ltd convened the third meeting on march 27. the meeting was chaired by sanxiang impression chairman huang hui and attended by all board members, supervisory board members and executives. also present were independent director ding zuyu, idg capital global chairman xiong xiao ge, impression wonders director pang liwei and idg china vice president dong ding. independent directors shi lei and guo yongqing attended via teleconference.

attendees were unanimously of the opinion that the dual business focus was the right response to transitions in the real estate sector and that a full integration of the real estate business and the art and performance programs by impression wonders was necessary for the desired synergy effect. tourism real estate, driven by consumption upgrading, would bring about integration of more industries and create greater value. the company, therefore, with the dual focus, would have huge potential. 

attendees shared their insights in operation, team consolidation, development of hopsca (a complex of hotels, offices, parks, shopping malls, clubs and apartments), strategic planning and future economic trends and discussed current issues and problems. 

chairman huang hui thanked everyone for their support and expressed his expectation that the meeting would inspire ideas and be conducive to innovation and growth.

impression wonders was prepared to launch more projects and sanxiang impression, the parent company, was looking into expanding both the real estate and the culture business. 

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