sanxiang impression’s quality campaign bears fruit


world consumer rights day on 15 march is an occasion for  promoting the basic rights of all consumers worldwide. sanxiang impression, keenly aware of its responsibilities towards the customers, uses this occasion to improve every aspect of its management. an annual conference for that purpose was organised at chongming sanxiang cloud mansion and attended by top and middle level managers and staff representatives.

the theme this year was “reflection, change and improvement” whereby each subsidiaries and divisions reviewed their day-to-day work, identified areas for improvement and proposed rectification plans. the event was popular with the employees who were encouraged to reflect on their work procedures and discuss with co-workers . 

the results of reflection and review were shared and co-ordinated quality management solutions were discussed at the conference. sanxiang impression attached great importance to the event and formed a jury to select the best performers during the campaign. xiangsheng property co., ltd, a subsidiary of the company, won the top award, to be followed by shanghai sanxiang construction & interior design execution co., ltd and the marketing management department.

mr. xu wenzhi, general manager of the company, gave feedback on the presentations and instructed the subsidiaries and devisions involved to implement rectification measures. he also remarked that the quality campaign had become a regular activity of the company. though the form of the campaign may vary from year to year, the focus would stay the same: to identify gaps and targeted solutions so that the corporate brand would be synonymous with the best quality.

function-specfic quality improvement activities had been organised before the conference. 

the engineering management department called a meeting of project managers, engineers and quality personnel at the project site in zhangjiang. root causes of quality issues were analysed and targeted measures were proposed at the meeting. representatives from shanghai sanxiang decoration co., ltd introduced how the application of new techniques could enhance project quality; while those from shanghai sanxiang construction & interior design execution co., ltd shared their insights into quality control for previous projects. 

shanghai sanxiang decoration co., ltd convened a meeting of owners whose properties had just been delivered. it listened to suggestions and concerns and answered questions.

quality and reputation have been the foundation for sanxiang impression’s sustainable development and will remain top priotities of the company. 

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