sanxiang cloud mansion wins “oscar”


the winner list of the 2016 maineng international competition for innovative solar buildings, hailed as the oscars of the solar building industry, was announced recently following a vigorous selection procedure. the application of solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies in sanxiang cloud mansion, a development by sanxiang impression, won an award for best engineering application. 

the 2016 maineng international competition for innovative solar buildings was sponsored by china association of building energy efficiency (cabee) and organised by the building integrated solar committee of cabee, the organising committee of the international green habitat forum, and the international copper association. the competition, aimed to promote energy efficiency and comfort, adopted the slogan of “solar energy for better city life”. outstanding cases of application of solar technologies in buildings were selected based on design quality and user feedback to advance the sector. 

integration of solar energy enhances property values, according to li liqun, assistant gm of the design management unit, sanxiang impression

from sanxiang four season blossom, baoshan sanxiang curio, nanxiang sanxiang forestcurio, and zhangjiang sanxiang curio to chongming sanxiang forestcurio, sanxiang impression has become experienced in r&d and implementation of solar technologies. along the way, the company has obtained multiple patents, contributing to sustainable and user-friendly living spaces. its energy-efficient, eco-friendly and comfortable offerings were highly popular with customers. 

with sustainability taking root in the popular consciousness, green buildings and clean energy are the way forward. building sustainability has become an ingrained practice at sanxiang impression. we at the company are confident that by being forward-looking and thoughtful, we will be able to maintain a leading market position. 

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