zhou fuhai, coolest migrant worker


the first awarding ceremony for outstanding migrant workers in yangpu district was held recently. mr. zhou fuhai, deputy manager of the quality unit of shanghai sanxiang construction & interior design execution co., ltd was an awardee.

mr. zhou is a migrant worker from sichuan province who  joined the company in 2009. as a worker and a manager, he has always regarded quality a top consideration. he proved himself through hard work and began to shoulder managerial responsibilities. with persistence and meticulousness, he promoted advanced techniques and optimised solutions in the capacity of deputy manager of the quality unit, contributing to multiple award winning projects. he was recognised as an outstanding worker of 2014 for excellence in construction quality.

mr. zhou fuhai established an internal quality assessment and control system in 2015. the system, leveraging the internet for construction quality management, is complete with codes and standards, and data collection and storage features for transparent monitoring of each building component and  project. data collected would form documentation for future reference;the warning system would provide input for the management; and the automatic assessment feature would serve as a basis for performance evaluation and comparison. the system has proved to be  effective.

mr. zhou fuhai’s story mirrors the paths of many more sanxiang workers. the company provides employment and training opportunities to rural workers and regards helping their integration into the city life an indispensable part of its social responsibilities. through on-the-job training, these rural labourers have transitioned into competent industrial workers, making contribution to the company.

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