“auto sharing” for a better team


an internal training and sharing session focused on the procedure of real estate development and risk control at each crucial stage was held on the morning of december 29, 2016. gm wang kuixing and vice gm pu jiawei of xiangjun property co., ltd and xiangsheng property co., ltd supported and contributed to the event. the session brought the 2016 “auto sharing” series to a successful conclusion.

mr. wang kuixing started the discussion by sharing his perspective on the four compulsory licenses for real estate development. he said that a clear understanding of the local filing process was a prerequisite for smooth progress. since there wasn’t a uniform development procedure across projects or zones, coordination, prioritization and standardisation of work on multiple fronts, including planning, design, and quality inspection would be essential.


ms. pu jiawei introduced risk control measures at each of the seven stages of real estate development, referencing other developers’ experience. she proposed an assessment at a later stage to provide input for future procedure improvement.



mr. wang kuixing concluded the event by a presentation of quality control measures during plan selection, design and construction for the ongoing sanxiang curio fortune mansion project. he required each team member to take a holistic perspective and acquire knowledge and skills beyond his/her field of expertise to enhance personal and team performance.


xiangjun property co., ltd and xiangsheng property co., ltd started the “auto sharing” series in response to the parent company’s quality management campaign. multiple sessions have been conducted to improve  cross-departmental cooperation and the employees’ professional capabilities. this session, by sharing effective work methods and the development procedure, aimed to encourage the team to look at things from a different perspective for seamless coordination.

the “auto sharing” series will continue in 2017.

yu ye
general administration office
xiangjun property co., ltd & xiangsheng property co., ltd

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