sanxiang curio bliss mansion shortlisted as candidate for guangsha award


the awarding ceremony for the 7th guangsha award (2015/2016), jointly organised by china real estate association and the housing industrialisation promotion center of ministry of housing and urban-rural development was held on nov. 23 in beijing.  sanxiang curio bliss mansion, developed by shanghai xiangjun property co., ltd, a subsidiary of sanxiang impression, was shortlisted as a candidate. sanxiang curio city, another development by sanxiang impression, was an awardee for 2013/2014.

the guangsha award, under the auspices of the state council, is a national award and the highest honour for real estate development. the award, together with the liang sicheng architectural award and the zhan tianyou award for excellency in civil engineering, are the “oscars” in china’s real estate sector. 

the guangsha award represents the most vigorous standard, with seven criteria covering functional, environmental, and economic performance, and safety, durability, integration of building technologies, and property management. for each criteria, there is an itemised rating table; the sum of individual scores from each table is the final result. only projects which fulfill all the criteria are eligible for the award.

sanxiang curio bliss mansion continues and elevates the proud curio tradition with 5 intelligent technologies, 6 aspects of optimal planning and 7 environmentally friendly systems to serve exclusive lifestyle needs. bringing together international brands, and with german quality assurance, the project facilitates a green and healthy life.

intelligent technologies, including mobile app-controlled devices around homes and in the gym, are integrated for a new level of comfort.

following this candidacy, future construction and management work on sanxiang curio bliss mansion will be performed in line with the requirements of the guangsha award and with supervision and public scrutiny. the company will file for the guangsha award

one year after project completion and delivery. 

because of sanxiang impression’s focus on quality, its offerings have been well-received over the years. the company will continue the quality commitment and the direction of  green building technologies by drawing on advanced practices in europe and especially in germany, and integrating the latest technologies, techniques and materials.

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