sanxiang impression among 50 most profitable public developers


between january and september 2016, 136 a-share listed real estate developers made an aggregate net profit of 83.026 billion yuan, a significant increase of 30.98% over the same period last year, according to data from e&h consulting. sanxiang impression was ranked 41st by profitability with a net profit of 428 million yuan.


1. companies: a-share listed real estate developers
2. time period: january to september, 2016
3. data from: e & h consulting, wind.

sanxiang co., ltd acquired impression wonder in may, 2016. the company name was changed into sanxiang impression in october to reflect the newly established dual focus of real estate culture and publicise the  strategic entry into the culture and tourism sector. a synergy effect by leveraging impression wonder’s rich pool of projects is promising for sanxiang impression. the company, better positioned to embrace new challenges and opportunities, is set to unleash the untapped potential.
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