zhangjiang sanxiang curio listed as model project for building sustainability


the construction engineering quality supervision authority for pudong new area organised a special session at the sales hall of zhangjiang sanxiang curio to promote advanced concepts and practices in building sustainability on november 2, 2016. about 100 industry peers in project development, construction, and quality control attended the session.

the focus of the session was implementation of main targets of construction quality supervision for building sustainability in pudong new yu xiaohong,deputy head of the authority, ms. lu wenjuan, head of the quality section, mr. ma weifeng, head of the second branch of the authority,and deputy head mr. xu chao from the same branch expounded the policy, emphasised the importance of green buildings and defined responsibilities for each related party.

xiangjun property co., ltd, a subsidiary of sanxiang impression, is the developer of zhangjiang sanxiang curio. vice gm chen chunyan of the subsidiary introduced sanxiang impression’s dual strategic focus of real estate development and culture. ms. chen pinpointed targets for the real estate line and shared design insights gleaned from the zhangjiang sanxiang curio project.

ms. yao lu from shanghai research institute of building sciences made a presentation on zhangjiang sanxiang curio’s 3-star rating, highlighting the project’s green features by 20-odd categories including building envelope, use of renewable energy, and water-efficient systems.

the participants, accompanied by mr. huang yuxin from sanxiang construction visited the model apartments after the special session. highlights of the model apartments were discussed and captured with photos, indicating the participant’s  positive opinion on the green design principle and construction quality.

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