encore dunhuang premieres in srice


while the g20 opening gala by the west lake has just ended, an upcoming pageant in the gobi dessert is attracting international attention. the first silk road (dunhuang) international cultural expo (srice) is to be launched on september 20th.


95 delegations from 85 nations and 5 international organisations are said to attend the event. among the attendees are 6 politicians (or former politicians), 51 ministerial officers, and 23 foreign diplomats in china. 25 nations will perform at the event.

srice is the only government-sponsored high-level summit and cultural exchange platform which focuses on and is an important part of the one road and one belt initiative. the event will feature diverse cultures and civilisations to promote exchanges and cooperation.

this year’s srice will be an international artistic feast with 13 performances by 25 countries. the impression wonders team will bring their latest work encore dunhuang to the event. 

the impression wonders team are noted for the various creations: the impression series (live performances in natural settings) including impression liusanjie, impression lijiang, impression west lake, impression dahongpao, impression putuo, and impression wulong and the encore series (immersive plays) including encore pingyao and encore mount wutai. the g20 opening gala most memorable is hangzhou, moreover, is considered as the crowning achievement of the team’s previous efforts.


encore dunhuang is directed by ms. wang chaoge, one of the three leading directors of the impression wonders team. the show recounts the history of mogao grottoes: from the very beginning to its heyday and to rediscovery by a taoist priest. the venue is divided into several zones, with each reconnecting contemporary audience with the past. for the duration of 90 minutes, the audience can experience the library cave (around 1000 ad) , the mogao grottoes (around 366 ad) and the silk road (a history of over 7000 years). they will be immersed in the prowess of soldiers in the tang dynasty, the gracefulness of madame song, the tribulations of civilians in a war-torn nation, and the results of vast dunhuang studies. with a panorama of dunhuang over thousands of years thus presented, the audience will have a first-hand experience of the continuity in dunhuang’s culture and traditions.


the four zones of the venue are divided by topic rather than by time period; yet each topic is inter-connected to form a complete historical panorama. a zone reproduces historical figures who would guide us on a time travel to 100 years ago. b zone depicts the remorse and piety of a taoist monk who discovered the flying apsaras by chance and sold it by ignorance. c zone consists of 16 “grottoes” and 100-odd scenes, allowing for an omniscient view of life in the past. d zone recreates historical scenes on this land, including general suo jing’s suppression of rebellion, the victory of general zhang yichao over the tibetan empire, and the legends of bhaisajyaguru.

designers of the venue take inspiration from water, a symbol of life, hope and aspirations in the context of a dessert. the aqua blue theater resembles a glistening water drop amidst the sands. viewed at a distance, the sunken structure gives the theater a dreamy look, like a clear fountain merging with the horizon. also contributing to the effect of the show are the sophisticated stage design and technical control. inside the maize-like theater, there are colossal mechanical devices, 3d installations, and movable screens for pioneering special effects and spectacular experiences. 

it is only natural that encore dunhuang, like other works of the impression wonders team, will become a local pride which contributes to the one belt and one road initiative.
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