sanxiang construction wins multiple awards


when the olympic fever was sweeping the world, shanghai sanxiang construction & interior design execution co., ltd was uplifted by the most prestigious awards a construction business in shanghai could aspire to, just as olympians were exhilarated by their medals . 

on august 16, shanghai construction trade association held the annual award presentation ceremony whereby distinctive efforts were celebrated. the awards presented at the ceremony included credible construction companies, the magnolia award, excellency for structure engineering, and  model projects for green construction. 

excellent sanxiang projects taking home four awards 

sanxiang construction took home awards in each category, with all sanxiang entries becoming winners. 

  • 2015 shanghai magnolia demonstration projects: buildings no. 19 and 20 in sanxiang curio mansion; 
  • 2015 shanghai magnolia award:
buildings no. 19,20 and 21 in sanxiang curio mansion and sanxiang xianghong plaza
  • excellency for structure engineering:

serviced apartments at sanxiang four season blossom.

the company was also recognised as a credible construction company.

efforts paying off 

the recognition was a result of hard work and the craftsman’s spirit. sanxiang construction pursues excellency through effective management and adherence to applicable standards with a focus on quality. persevering even in the face of the scorching heat, sanxiang construction has delivered multiple quality projects. 

the title of magnolia demonstration projects is the highest honour for construction projects. only five projects were granted the title this year. industry peers expressed their appreciation of sanxiang curio mansion after the site visit. building sustainability has remained a long-term guiding principle for sanxiang, to be materialised through each construction process and detail. in keeping with vigorous standards, successive sanxiang projects took excellency to new levels. 

sanxiang construction has been recognised as a credible construction company for 9 consecutive years. bringing integrity to each project, the team is laying a solid foundation for the future. 

sanxiang construction   august 17, 2016

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