grabbing the dream home? now or never!


refreshing sights of the villa community brightened up the otherwise overcast day. a canopy of colourful umbrellas over the meandering paths indicated the crowd coming out for the special occasion. even chirping birds sang their welcome. this was the big moment when chongming sanxiang forestcurio started to be on offer. with a steady flow of visitors, the success of the project was predicated on day one. 

an urban legend in the making! chongming sanxiang forest curio was open for sale!

the spacious sales hall was crowded with potential clients who were received by the attentive sales staff. painting a clear picture of the advantages and potentials of the project and the area, the multimedia presentation and interactive technologies employed in the sales hall generated much interest.

many potential clients brought their whole families to the model homes and clinched the deal on the spot. what convinced them this was the ideal home?

“ the newly-added metro line and the shift of the political status from a county to a district, among other boons to chongming, promise increased property value in the near future. this is an investment opportunity too good to miss.”

“ chongming is the most comfortable retreat in shanghai. you do not need to worry about pm 2.5 any more and just enjoy a slower pace of life. all the facilities, such as gyms and restaurants are there. it’s ideal for seniors and children.”

“ what with the 15,000 m2 forest and the expensive camphor trees, the community offers an exclusive experience.”

“ what i value most is the high-tech features for delivering five-star intelligent house-keeping services. the building-integrated solar thermal and photovoltaics, same-floor drainage, double glazing, and external sun shading certainly outperform other practices.”

close to town but removed from the hustle and bustle, with leading intelligent technologies and warm customer response, chongming sanxiang forestcurio is another proof to the excellence of the sanxiang curio series.

a group of young visitors no less enthusiastic ……

with exciting games, great food, and a fairy-tale venue, a sports event in the “ jungle” was planned for the young visitors to make this year’s children’s day memorable.

 the jungle book is real !  ready to be pleasantly surprised by myriad of photos!

is memories of the jungle book still fresh? the jungle book is a fantasy adventure film about mowgli, a "man cub" raised by a pack of wolves. it is a story of learning, growth, courage and wisdom against the backdrop of a large forest of thick trees and lush grass. children would find chongming sanxiang forestcurio a place to live out their own versions of the jungle book.


this is a place where the ground is shaded by camphor trees and where plants give off inviting fragrances. this is where the blue sky, clean air, booming flowers and youthful buds form picturesque views wherever you cast your eyes. the rustle of leaves in the wind, moreover, is a gentle hymn to nature.…… 

chongming sanxiang forestcurio is a modern idyll delivering the luxury of a forest when urban dwellers’ties with nature are normally loose. imagine a morning here: fresh air, dewy grass, balmy sunlight,the kids frolicking in the yard, and the soft soil under your feet. 

set back from the hubbub of the city, a break at chongming sanxiang forestcurio is a treat for the body and soul. chongming sanxiang forestcurio enables a vacation in the comfort of your home.

add love to a house and you have a home. locate you home in a forest and you have peace and comfort. surrounded by your parents and children in your dream home, what’s else to ask for? the secrets to the popularity of chongming sanxiang forestcurio,  “did you get them?” , to use the catchphrase.

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