growing trees on buildings is in !


planting trees at their own expense? 

that’s what new yorkers are doing

from central park to brooklyn bridge park to bronx park, there is no lack of green space in new york. however, it is community gardens dotting the blocks that really tickle new yorkers’ hearts. new yorkers are generous with their time and hard work when it comes to cultivating the city of dreams with paints, seeds and planting tools - even at their own expense. 

donation boxes are a common sight in community gardens, collecting funds for seeds or gardening tools.

timber piles for fun walk look attractive.  

their love for nature prompts new yorkers to be guardians of their homeland. by doing that, they are restoring their ties with nature, once cut out by the urban sprawl, and expressing their respect for lives and devotion to the city. 

in paris there is a half-moon shaped garden grown out of the building

paris is going to welcome another city garden soon. the 1500 m2 project was inspired by romantic gardens in the 19th century. the wooden pavilions on the terrace and square are surrounded by bushes from italy. when sunlight filters through the wooden bars and branches, warmth will be felt all around.

this city garden will be a place where people, vegetation and architecture each play a role in creating a retreat in the heart of the city.

urban legend has it that zhangjiang lso has something to offer when it comes to magical buildings

zhangjiang sanxiang curio is designed to facilitate an eco-friendly lifestyle through the integration of vegetation and modern buildings. the sales hall is a foretaste of what to come.

the wall planters in the subsidiary sales hall are refreshing eye catchers which satisfy the desire for an intimacy with nature. 

the uniquely designed main sales hall continues to be an expression of the love for nature. 

completely at home with the blue sky, white clouds and verdant grass, the sales hall is delightful to behold.

the heat island effect and environmental pollution highlight the urgency of developing buildings compatible with the natural environment.  all along sanxiang has been keenly aware of that urgency and its responsibilities. committed to r&d and construction of green living spaces, sanxiang strives to establish a harmonious relationship between development and the beloved nature. 

aquascaping and landscaping for recreating nature’s beauty

8 highlights to imprint the green dna

1. the camphor trees welcoming you home
the hustle and bustle is filtered out, and you would be safe in the knowledge that the camphor tree-shaded entrance leading to the garden along the axis is also a path to peace and beauty. 

2. lower density for better landscape design

squeezing in more buildings is never a priority in zhangjiang sanxiang curio. instead, generous space has been reserved for vegetation so that the landscape and architectural design come together for a maximal green experience. 

3. ecoscape: a forest oxygen bar or a scene from the wonderful wizard of oz? 

sanxiang believes in the combination of the ecological environment and modern technologies for a healthy and low-carbon lifestyle and sustainable environment. a mist water fountain is panned for zhangjiang sanxiang curio for constant humidity and pure air.

4. landscaping as natural as the eco system 

zhangjiang sanxiang curio facilitates a harmonious relationship between man and nature. focusing on the human experience, the ecoscaping solution was devised with the land condition, the diversity of plants, and water (water plants) taken into consideration. building a community in a sustainable ecoscape system creates ample opportunities for embracing nature.

5. shaded entrances vs exclusive gateway,green is right at the doorstep

shaded open entrances elevate the community and impart a sense of belonging. inside the unique forest ecosystem, separate gateways lead to private gardens for owners of apartments on the first floor, providing an exclusive experience.

6. central garden and green islands for delightful surprises on the way 

with the goal of creating a comfortable garden community, the landscape design solution is one of multiple layers to match the architectural style and reflect seasonable dynamics. the central garden and green islands carefully arranged within the community coordinate with each other for a forest landscape.  

7. park-box, the go-to choice for workout in style

park-box, a popular workout choice in europe and the unite states, is introduced in zhangjiang sanxiang curio. exercising close to home, you will be freed from the constraint of time and space. you will meet like-minded people and enjoy a sense of involvement in the neighborhood and views of the garden. 

8. a night jogging? happiness and freedom literally at your feet !
forget about the concerns of the day and enjoy a care-free jogging. with your favorite music on and the trees around you, a peaceful experience on the environmentally-friendly running track is there for the asking. 

the eco-friendly resin running track is installed for all members of the family. jogging for health and fun, anytime!

"green in each detail for the mother earth"

sanxiang's sense of responsibilities is expressed in every corner of the space: environmentally-friendly wallpapers, flooring and paints are guaranteed by our international partners selected with care. the pursuit of health and environmental protection, like a code yet to be deciphered, entails constant exploration. sanxiang regards that exploration its mission.

nature is man's homeland. man is not master of all living things on earth, but just one species of many. human beings and nature are supposed to co-exist in harmony. zhangjiang sanxiang curio intends to facilitate that peaceful co-existence. in the face of environmental pollution and resource scarcity, protecting the environment is an act of respect for lives and our responsibility towards future generations. with a dignified life for people in mind, sanxiang never waver in its green commitment.

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