xianghai recognised as model company for honoring integrity pledge


shanghai xianghai property co., ltd was recognised by shanghai real estate trade association (sreta) as a role model for companies making the business integrity pledge.

808 developers making the business integrity pledge were assessed by a panel of officials from sreta, the district housing authority, the civilisation office and shanghai consumer council. three companies were selected as model units after a panel review of the shortlist in consultation with the commission of housing and urban-rural development and the administration for industry and commerce. xianghai was proud to become the only model company in yangpu district.

xianghai has always been an active advocate for the business integrity campaign. subscribing firmly to the eight integrity principles, xianghai conducts internal awareness training and is thoughtful in the way it deals with customer complaints. the company has realised that acting honestly and respecting the customers’ rights and interests are indispensable for the company’s sustainable development. business integrity, moreover, is conducive to a win-win scenario where even with minimal government oversight safe purchase decisions and satisfactory sales performance can be guaranteed. xianghai plans to incorporate the integrity pledge in its long-term management mechanism for sustainable and healthy growth.

huang ying from xianghai

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