haven’t taken a photo tour in chongming when spring in full bloom ?


the spring break was a time to experience and capture delicious moments which came when we were truly at peace with the world. 

one group of people,feeling the pull of nature and the island retreat ,embraced a unique holiday,of beauty, leisure and peace 

a photo tour at chongming sanxiang forestcurio 
in the intoxicating spring!

chongming sanxiang forestcurio enjoys the full benefit of its location where the forest, coast and wetland come together, creating a world class island retreat. it hosted hobbyist photographers whose skills would do justice to its gorgeousness.

what attracted photo lovers? what prompted them to press the shutter release? let me tell you. 

stunning views
the ride to the community is accompanied by open vistas of the rising tide  

a stroll within affords a taste of the perfect planning

only a well-thought-out design which blends with and complements nature is worthy of the beautiful site. the resulting houses, surrounded by bright flowers dotting verdant grasses and tall trees towering over vibrant bushes, are completely at home in the natural world, ready to provide a rich backdrop for romantic stories in life. 

lush trees with their poetic poise, glorious flowers nodding in the breeze and colourful butterflies dancing under the blue sky were perpetuated by nature-loving photographers. 
the 15000 m2 forest landscape to be situated in the center of the community will serve as an inspiring photography destination for those who expect more.  

stunning beauties

models lending an exotic touch
made for a cannes-red-carpet-like event  

admiring the spectacular scenery in the most pleasant time of the year and feeling connected to people was what the event was about. together, the environment and  models specially invited for the occasion made for photogenic beauty and charm which prompted many photographers to take out their gear. 

the elegance emanating from each movement and posture of the models gave impression to the home owners’ envisioned future in the community. 

luxury villas

a modern design fully integrated with the greenery outside makes the most of the sunlight and the natural beauty of the site

elegant villas featuring a modern design were especially eye-catching in the sun. photographers walked in model villas to explore the exquisite details.  

vaulted ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows take in the sunlight and beautiful landscape, inducing an outdoor feel. 

great food

immersed in breath-taking views while enjoying great food 

bathed in the sun and enjoying the gentle touch of a warm breeze on the face, the visitors relished an escape from the busy city life. the soothing power of nature and relaxed smiles all around revitalised the body and mind. 

attentive waiters served beer, bbq and refreshments.

for me a good photo is one that i can live with. it’s like living with good music or a good person, says the great photographer josef koudelka.

each photo taken at chongming sanxiang forestcurio would be one which captured a wonderful scene in life and which the photographer would be happy to live with. that was the idea behind the project. 
chongming sanxiang forestcurio is 40 minutes’ drive from town. as the first stop along the route to nature, it is intended to be a harbour for the most privileged home owners. 

try out and experience the pampering of a weekend home in a world-class retreat

a mother’s love is warmer than the sun. chongming sanxiang forestcurio invites you to send your wishes on mother’s day!


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