zhangjiang sanxiang curio open to visitors


the demonstration zone of zhangjiang sanxiang curio was finally opened to visitors on april 23. eager visitors crowded the sales hall despite the downpour. 

two robots caught the eye of the visitors once they set foot in the sales hall. the meal delivery service and playful responses of the robots provided the visitors with a glimpse into the intelligent experience. children’s favorite, on the other hand, were cosplays of the iron man and captain american at the door. seeing their heroes, young visitors could not help walking closer and stealing a touch. 

a lucky draw was arranged for the day. visitors could participate via their smartphone. two tickets to the disney world went to two happy winners. 

intelligent technologies to usher in a new lifestyle

if impressive was the word to describe the activities in the sales hall, nothing less than stunning would do for an experience in the model apartments where the charm of technologies shone through. beside the exit of the sales hall stood the park-box, a gym made from shipping containers. the dynamic and smart design of the gym promised new exercising experiences. 

walking along the path, visitors would arrive at the model zone where intelligent systems were demonstrated by the sales staff. the five core systems, namely the intelligent environment control, mobile app, stair control, security and parking were the technical highlights of the project. visitors were wowed by the integrated control panel after shown how to control the air conditioning, floor heating and lighting and set the preferred room condition just by a touch of the button. they were also fascinated with the mobile app, which controlled the apartment from the inside out, and which, with thoughtful design, saved time and facilitated every aspect of the living experience. 

star layout for optimal comfort

the desirable floor plans were another highlight of the project. the 126m2 housing units were especially tempting. with four south-facing rooms and ample natural light, these units, in the words of the visitors, were stately, spacious and very comfortable. user-oriented details in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, moreover, added to the attractiveness of the apartments. 

the five intelligent technologies, six aspects of perfect planning and seven green technologies for top german quality standards generated very positive feedback on the first day of the opening. many visitors expressed their appreciation of the project. perhaps for them the big decision of home purchasing would come naturally. 

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