hongqiao sanxiang plaza joins hands with cku in national championship


hongqiao sanxiang plaza was teeming with dog lovers because of the cku national championship all dog show between march 25 and 27, 2016. 

federation cynologique internationale(fci), founded in 1911, is the largest canine organisation in the world. as a member of fci and its only partner in china, china kennel union(cku) organises over 300 championships each year and succeeded in its bid to host the 2017 fci section shows and 2019 fci world dog shows in shanghai. 

the cku national championship all dog show was an exhibition and exchange platform where the best specimen of each breed was selected by senior judges. free stands were provided to non-profit organisations including china small animal protection association to advocate responsible dog ownership and caring for stray animals.  

hongqiao sanxiang plaza, as a supporting organisation, facilitated the event with spacious space, considerate site services, and good safety and hygiene standard. the location of the plaza also contributed to the success of the event. 

hongqiao business district has been a driving force behind  shanghai’s economic growth and will make a bigger impact in the transition to innovation-driven growth. hongqiao sanxiang plaza in the heart of the business district is along the route linking the hongqiao traffic hub with the national convention and exhibition center. favorably located, the plaza promises greater value ahead. 

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