delivery of nanxiang sanxiang forest curio in progress


nanxiang sanxiang forest curio was ready for delivery since march 21th. home owners and their families, envisioning a better future in the new homes, were excited when they went through the delivery procedures.  

the morning saw a long queue formed as home owners went through registration, payment, collection of keys and inspection of the new homes. an air of hospitality emanated from the orderly procedures, lush vegetation, and welcome banners. the home owners walked to their new homes accompanied by the property service staff who would read the gas, water and electricity meters, send out friendly reminders and answer clients’ inquiries. the home owners would also be promptly served by sanxiang construction and sanxiang decoration when needed as these two companies had dispatched teams to the site to facilitate the delivery process. the delivery was scheduled to be completed by the end of this month.

nanxiang sanxiang forest curio, comprising high-rise apartment buildings and duplex houses, is winner of the magnolia award for construction excellency in 2016. green technologies have been leveraged to create a better user experience. the apartment buildings in particular, are facilitated by a variety of technologies including the building integrated solar system which is in its third generation and with 6 national patents to its name; integrated air purification, a much-needed solution to the severe air pollution; same floor drainage; triple-glazed windows; and the exterior sun shade. 

nanxiang sanxiang forest curio, a user-oriented and high tech green residential project, embodies sanxiang’s principle of green and energy efficiency. it is sure to communicate sanxiang’s commitment and sincerity to the home owners. 

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