sanxiang curio mansion fulfills mission as demonstration site


nanxiang sanxiang curio mansion was honoured to host over 3000 leaders and peers from shanghai’s building sector on march 16th. the project was winner of this year’s magnolia award for construction excellency and a magnolia demonstration site, a title granted to only two projects.

leaders, including president gan zhongze of the green building council inspected the site and listened to sanxiang gm xu wenzhi’s briefing on the highlights of the project and sanxiang’s high green building standard. they were impressed by sanxiang’s achievements in green buildings as demonstrated by sanxiang curio mansion. 

extraordinary workmanship for premium quality 

industry peers had been arriving before 9 o’clock in the morning. they were directed to building number 19, 20 and 21 after being shown the construction video and the display boards. their questions on the construction details were promptly answered by sanxiang employees designated to each building. the competence of the sanxiang employees as manifest in the answers and the project, was spoken highly of. 

sanxiang curio mansion was executed by shanghai sanxiang construction & interior design execution co., ltd. in conformance with  the unified standard for constructional quality acceptance of building engineering and the magnolia standard engineering process. quality construction handbook and common faults in construction quality, both of which are sanxiang’s internal guides, also played an important role in ensuring premium quality.

alignment with standards for green spaces

sanxiang curio mansion comes as a proud addition to the curio series. it is an embodiment of the green, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly principle. the fully decorated apartments in particular, speak for sanxiang’s attention to details.   

alignment with applicable standards result in well-crafted exterior walls, properly laid tiles, regular lines and angles, even application of paints, fault-free and water-proof sunlights with smooth drainage guaranteed, simple and elegant steel staircases, and the properly-positioned dripline. the quality of the project is evident in each masterfully executed detail. 

high-tech features, including the building integrated solar system, integrated air purification, same-floor drainge, and exterior sun shade, demonstrate sanxiang’s strength in green technologies. 

effectively-managed site for maximum performance

sanxiang’s effort in ensuring a productive project team also helped to propel the project’s success. a good mechanisam of staff training contributed to a competent team, and ultimately, a quality project.   

the magnolia award represents wide recognition of sanxiang’s capabilities and pursuit of excellence which explained the premium quality of sanxiang curio mansion and of all the other sanxiang projects. to create green living spaces was and remains to be an important theme for the sanxiang brand.

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