craftsman's spirit?for unrivaled quality——sanxiang 315 quality awareness campaign launches


blooming magnolia announced the oncoming spring and witnessed the beginning of sanxiang’s 315 quality awareness campaign. this year’s campaign was staged at nanxiang sanxiang forestcurio, winner of this year’s magnolia award for construction and one of the two magnolia demonstration sites. nanxiang sanxiang forestcurio, as a window into sanxiang’s outstanding quality and green technologies, was ready to welcome peers in the building sector. 

sanxiang makes use of china’s consumer day on march 15th each year to advocate higher quality. this year promised a better opportunity as nanxiang sanxiang forestcurio had just been conferred the honour of a magnolia demonstration site. as such, sanxiang would exalt the craftsman’s spirit to instill the principle of quality and honesty in its employees.   

in the morning over 170 sanxiang employees representing the senior management, heads of each unit and the technical staff gathered to share their perspectives on the theme of “the craftsman's spirit for unrivaled quality”. representatives from xiangnan property, sanxiang construction, sanxiang decoration, sanxiang construction materials processing, the procurement department, the design management department and the construction management department shared their effort in developing nanxiang sanxiang forestcurio. together, their experience painted a complete picture of sanxiang’s meticulous quality management throughout the development cycle.

gm xu wenzhi, chairperson of the meeting, congratulated the team on the honour nanxiang sanxiang forestcurio had been bestowed. he said he was excited at the honour, the highest sanxiang had ever received for construction excellency. he proposed the craftsman prize totalling 100, 000 yuan for people who had contributed to the project to loud applause and cheers. mr. xu remarked that sanxiang had developed itself into a small yet delicate company on the bedrock of honesty and quality. based on sanxiang’s current performance, mr. xu laid out a vision which would require the sanxiang employees to carry on the craftsman’s spirit.

the participants led by mr. xu went on a tour of nanxiang sanxiang forestcurio as the first group of observers to the demonstration site. in the central exhibition area, two display boards presented a clear picture of the quality management process from the master plan to every single brick and tile. the craftsman’s spirit was evident everywhere: the neatly landscaped pathways, the exquisite model apartments, thoughtful design for elevated user experience, and the meticulous execution of details. the site visit provided new perspectives and reinforced the attendees’ sense of responsibilities and pride.

the monthlong campaign incorporated a variety of activities: meetings, site visits and training. effectiveness would be guaranteed by examining the improvements achieved at the end of the campaign. the campaign, intended to be much more than a formality, was in itself a manifestation of sanxiang’s attention to quality. the company was ready to welcome a stream of visitors to the nanxiang site in the next few days. 

an unswerving commitment to quality has fueled sanxiang’s steady growth along the way. by remaining true to that commitment sanxiang is confident of masterly navigating a more diverse social landscape and complex market conditions in the future. 

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