sanxiang holds bond issue road show


sanxiang’s bond issue road show attracted over 50 attendees to the black forest project of china eagle group on the afternoon of march 1st. the guests, representing more than 20 institutional investors, including a wealth management subsidiary of industrial securities, fullgoal fund, and the shanghai branch of postal savings bank of china, were received by sanxiang gm xu wenzhi, vice chairman rui yongxiang, and cfo li xiaohong among others. 

this was going to be sanxiang’s first bond issuance to finance the company’s sustainable development and implementation of a dual-focus strategy of culture real estate. the planned issuance with a cap of 1 billion yuan to be raised was approved by the china securities regulatory commission in feburary, 2016.

the road show was unveiled on schedule, arousing wide investor interest. 

it started with a brief on the new issue and sanxiang’s latest development. a tour of the project site followed. gm xu wenzhi and vice chairman rui yongxiang presented the model apartments for the third phase of the black forest by china eagle group. the investors marveled at the high-tech features and the glass curtain wall which, unlike its more conventional counterparts, could slide open and close automatically. the minimalist italian design was another highlight that exceeded expectations.  

mr. xu wenzhi made a detail introduction of sanxiang’s performance, competitive advantages and strategies back to the conference venue. he also answered questions about land banking, the progress of projects, business profitability, and acquisition of impression wonders from the floor with ms. li xiaohong. mr. xu remarked that sanxiang co., ltd. was an aspirational listed company guided by a green and hi-tech strategy. with a craftsman's spirit, sanxiang established itself as a trusted provider of livable spaces. becoming a top player in the green building segment was an important step towards a future of complementary businesses. sanxiang had a vision of livable spaces elevated to elegant homes by a cultural appeal and endeavors on the culture, tourism and performing arts front reinforced by real estate development. 

investors were eager to seek further exchanges with the senior management after the road show, which was proof of the strong investor interest. 

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