preparedness against freezing cold


sanxiang property ensured uninterrupted operations by preemptive measures against the freezing cold, the most severe that had befallen shanghai in 35 years. 

sanxiang property timely activated the preparedness plan against freezing weather. the plan, for which implementation was garanteed by oversight and accountability, incorporated everything from regular notices and reports to emergency materials and from winterisation of exposed plumbing and facilities to more frequent patrols.

the crews for shengshi garden worked for days on end to meet the repair needs. domestic water supply had been resumed as of january 27th and five temporary water dispensation centers were set up. 

soaked through with sweat and rain water, the staff for the shineton international plaza kept working on burst pipes and water meters uncomplainingly. 

the workers for sanxiang forestcurio prevented flooding from burst pipes with prompt action and efficient tools. 

the temporary sales hall for the zhangjiang project opened on schedule. the enthusiam of the employees was not chilled by the howling north wind: together, they created a clean and orderly environment for the clients. 

sanxiang property succeeded in protecting communities which it served from this bout of severe weather conditions with no major interruptions to property owners’ normal day to day life.

(tao qiaoqi)
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