sanxiang among 2015 top 10 green real estate operators


sanxiang has established a dual focus of real estate and culture in 2015 for more sustainable development. the announcement that sanxiang had been granted the sixth place on the list of top 10 chinese green real estate operators for 2015 came in early 2016, signaling an addition to the company’s achievements during 2015. 

the ranking was published in 2015 annual report on green real estate development in china by china real estate business. this report was complied based on a comprehensive assessment of 112 real estate developers from 7 perspectives: business strategy, management, products, marketing, development of green projects, capacity building and social responsibilities.

a ranking of green developers was initiated by china real estate business in 2012, generating wide interest. sanxiang made its first appearance on the top 10 green developers list in 2013.

green and low carbon is an inevitable topic in the discourse of china’s real estate sector which, after a period of frenzy and boom, is experiencing transformation. dedicated to providing comfortable and eco-friendly homes, sanxiang has propelled itself into a leading position in green buildings through r&d and technology application. the company’s in-house technologies, including building integrated solar and air purification systems, insulated doors, windows and exterior walls, low temperature underfloor heating, same-floor drainage, and smart home, are well-received and trend setting.

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