sanxiang holds 2015 models awarding work conference


sanxiang 2015 models awarding work conference, chaired by sanxiang gm mr. xu wenzhi, was held on january 12, 2016. senior management of sanxiang co., ltd and sanxiang holdings co., ltd, sanxiang subsidiaries, departments and model supervisors were represented by over 90 attendees. 

each heads of department or subsidiary and model supervisors made a presentation where they summarised their progress during 2015 and made plans for 2016.

model managers and work units were unanimously voted afterwards based on performance and ethics. three were chosen in each category.

model managers for 2015 were xianghai gm li guiyuan; chen jian, gm for chengguang and xiangnan; and wang kuixing, gm for xiangjun and xiangsheng. 

83 employees, including some fresh recruits were chosen as model workers of the year. they represented a dedicated sanxiang team capable of delivering beyond the call of duty. 

awarding models has become a sanxiang tradition whereby subsidiaries and departments exchange good practices and bond with each other, preparing for the journey ahead together. 

this year’s models awarding conference ended with mr. xu’s closing speech. on behalf of sanxiang president huang hui and the management team, mr. xu thanked everyone for their hard work. he then pointed out that sanxiang’s response to market uncertainties was to properly handle investor, property owner, partner, and employee relations. he was confident that sanxiang would experience a year of more stable and robust growth with the group’s wisdom, open-mindedness and cohesion. 

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