gm and vice gm greet xiangde team


construction for yanjiao sanxiang forestcurio finally got started in december thanks to the efforts of all sides, forecasting a remarkable year for sanxiang. sanxiang gm xu wenzhi and vice gm huang jian visited the project site on january 6th to extend their new year wishes and raise the xiangde team’s morale.

mr. xu thanked the team for their efforts and complimented them on their hard-won achievements. he also wished the team all the best on behalf of sanxiang president mr. huang hui. after reflecting on sanxiang’s development in 2015 and sharing his vision for 2016 and beyond, mr. xu expressed his expectations for the project: it was to be a showcase of green technologies, thoughtful design, good taste and quality with the full support of the company. the xiangde team must play their part by hard work and constant learning.

mr. xu yu, xiangde president and gm thanked mr. xu and mr. huang for paying this special visit and sanxiang management and colleagues for their attention and support. he expressed the team’s confidence in sanxiang’s future and determination to contribute to that future.  

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