sanxiang bags many awards


awardees of the 9th excellent residential projects selected by shanghai real estate association were announced recently. three sanxiang projects appeared on multiple winner lists: zhangjiang sanxiang curio was awarded with a golden award, which was an integrated award; sanxiang curio mansion bagged awards for architectural planning and for layout design; and sanxiang curio cloud mansion was the receiver of 3 individual awards respectively for architectural planning, layout design and energy efficiency.

selection of the 9th excellent residential projects

the 9th excellent residential projects were selected based on authoritative criteria in the spirit of consistency and fairness to set and reflect the contemporary trend. winners were representative of high quality and efficient land use over the last two years. focused on affordable housing and in keeping with the state council green building 3-year action plan and “implementation opinions on promoting prefabricated buildings” issued by shanghai municipality, the selection facilitated modernisation of the sector and promoted integrated technologies and new materials, equipment, techniques and technologies. the selection also shepherded real estate development towards energy, land, and material efficiency and a minimal environmental footprint for more sustainable growth of the sector.  

there were individual awards and integrated awards, with individual awards for excellent architectural planning, layout planning, landscaping, building technologies, and energy efficiency. only projects meeting the criteria for every category were qualified to contend for integrated awards. 

zhangjiang sanxiang curio  

zhangjiang sanxiang curio is another pride of sanxiang following shenzhen curio and baoshan curio. it is located within the middle ring road in zhangjiang with a gloss floor area of over 60,000 m2. the top-end residential project is intended to exceed expectations with meticulously executed interior on top of the signature green technologies, “made-in-germany” products and a smart system. facilitating smart lives, the project is to be admired and emulated. 

nanxiang sanxiang forestcurio (sanxiang curio mansion)

nanxiang sanxiang forestcurio is a premium residential project located at the historic town of nanxiang. the 90,000 m2 project with a gloss floor area of 200,000m2 combines high-rise apartment buildings with town houses. as the latest embodiment of the curio green building concepts following shenzhen sanxiang curio, baoshan sanxiang curio and yanjiao sanxiang forestcurio, nanxiang sanxiang forestcurio represents the most advanced environmental planning, building technologies and interior design. the building integrated air purification developed in-house, moreover, makes nanxiang sanxiang forestcurio a new milestone in the curio series. 

the project will be ready for delivery in 2016. 

chongming sanxiang forestcurio (sanxiang curio cloud mansion)

chongming sanxiang forestcurio is on plot no. 8 riverfront leisure, sports and residential district, chenjia town, chongming. with lanhai road on the south, yingdong road on the north, sports facilities and green space on the east and commercial land on the west, the project covers an area of 199810.80m2 . it comprises row houses and duplex houses with a floor space index of 1.0. the project comes with 830 parking spots and approximately 3800 m2 of commercial space. separate pedestrian and vehicle traffic routes are another highlight of this low-density community.

guided by world-leading community planning concepts, design of the project has taken a contextual approach for an urban forest landscape in the center. surrounding the central vertical forest are residential buildings integrated with the site and traffic routes. the project is an example of the built environment complementing the natural environment.

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address: lane 2500 lanhai road, chongming, shanghai

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