top management visit sites to mark new beginning


shanghai is again the bustling city with migrant workers returning from their holiday break after the latern festival. a good beginning predicts a fruitful year; construction work has already been in full swing for sanxiang projects planned to be completed or marketed this year.

the top management, including vice president chen jinsong from  sanxiang holdings co., ltd. , vice general managers huang jian, zhang tao, and xiao huantian and cfo li xiaohong from sanxiang co., ltd. sent new year's greetings to employees in the headquarters and visited the zhangjiang and chongming sites on the morning of feburary 23th. they shook hands with the techinical and construction team on the project sites and inspected construction work. they also visited the temporary sales hall for the zhangjiang project where a presale campaign was in progress. sales assistants expressed their optimism when replying to the management’s inquiry about the work progress and pool of potential customers.

2016 is a year of hope admist uncertainties for sanxiang: more market opportunities as a result of the dual-focus approach and greater unpredictability of the real estate sector. but sanxiang is confident that enterprises that are guided by a green strategy and insist on quality will come out on top. 

the sanxiang team is ready for the new voyage ahead. fair winds and following seas!

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