sanxiang property wins title of “one-star credit establishment enterprise” of shanghai


since participating in the “enterprise credit establishment” activity in 2012, sanxiang property has been conforming to laws, rules, social moralities, commercial moralities and industrial regulations, paying attention to the education and training of laws and rules towards the employee in the daily management and promoting the popularization of the credit knowledge to make the solid foundation for the development of the enterprise culture and credit work.

the company won the title of “one-star credit establishment enterprise” of shanghai and was authorized to use the credit mark system of “credit online” in december of 2013.

credit is the largest intangible assets of the enterprise, supporting the rapid development of the enterprise. sanxiang property will follow principles of “serving the customer with credit, granting the employee with the future, creating the value for the enterprise and establishing the harmonious society” to keep improving the enterprise image and reputation of the enterprise to develop the intangible assets of “credit” into the brand of the enterprise.

huang ying from sanxiang property

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