huang jian, deputy general manager of sanxiang co., ltd. leads delegation to visit germany


the design needs innovation and the product needs upgrade. from planning to architecture and positioning of decoration design, and to the application of building and decoration material, as well as furniture indoors, sanxiang stock has always been pursuing the “german quality” and has been leading the industry. it is benefited from the open mind and precise decision of the management personnel of the company and is related to the effort of the enforcement personnel. in order to strengthen the study of employees of the enterprise, mr. huang jian, deputy general manager of sanxiang co., ltd. leads the delegation to visit and study in germany for the first time in 2014.

the ten-day tour consists of three parts: visiting frankfurter wallpaper & cloth exhibition and cologne furniture exhibition; learning new products of cooperative suppliers, solving problems to be discussed in the use, visiting and negotiating with other german enterprises with high recognition in the market; and procuring furniture for the exhibition hall of the marketing center of baoshan haishang.

in the wallpaper & cloth exhibition, each exhibition hall and exhibition lobby contained various wallpapers and cloth in different design, all of which were attractive very much. different shapes of cubic wallpapers may meet the decoration demand of different space and are easy for the construction and replacement; the simulated sandstone wallpaper not only possesses the sense of reality of the sandstone but only provides the convenient material for the decoration of the arc and round wall surface, and there were many other styles of wallpapers and cloth. in the exhibition area of as creation and erfurt, new products released in 2014 attracted many visitors. the printed and painted wallpaper adopting the nanometer technology enriches the color of the painted wallpaper, which became more innovative to meet the demand of more persons. the wallpaper after the special processing is only 3mm thick to meet the demand for the heat preservation and insulation of the old residence, and the construction is simple and convenient. although it was pity that no photo was allowed in the exhibition area, we obtained much harvest and sense of achievement. the visit was a kind of happiness and the experience was a kind of enjoyment. in the exhibition area of the sofa of himolla, a local brand of germany and the sole brand of the world only adopting the environmental material, through the enthusiastic and careful introduction by the staff, we got to know the ergonomic and functional sofa to obtain more options for the sofa in the sample room.

in the exhibition hall, logistics department and apprentice studio of blanco, one of our partners, our delegation further understood the history, current situation and future planning of blanco from different perspectives. the largest harvest we obtained there was that we solved the influence of the inward window of the kitchen on the height of the sunk tap. a lifting kitchen tap is stylish the design and may be parallel with the surface of the sunk. the light and delicate serer cover of the sunk may prevent the water from splashing. in the exhibition hall of g.u, mr. huang jian put forward the problem of the handle of doors and windows affecting the safety of children, and proposed the solution to make the foundation for the further improvement of the product.

while visiting the sample room of local villas of germany, we understood many concepts and ideas of the building design, interior design and marketing under different national situations and cultural backgrounds, and got to know the expression of personality that may lead the trend, different styles of architectural structures and indoor patterns, and our designers were enlightened very mush. especially that the 177m2 villa designed by jette joob, was appreciated by all visitors. the outline, architectural design, plane deployment and soft decoration demonstrated the unique design manner of the master, as well as the attention of the nation to details.

solutions and new innovative products constitute the harvest we obtain in the tour. such achievements will make contributions to the improvement of the product of our company to make the green, technical and environmental residence more splendid.

shu sunan from stock design management department

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