shanghai sanxiang investment holdings co., ltd. holds annual work meeting 2014


the snake year has passed and the horse years is coming. in the afternoon of january 23, 2014, shanghai sanxiang investment holdings co., ltd. held the annual work meeting 2014 in the multifunctional meeting room on 12f of the company. mr. huang hui, chairman of sanxiang holdings and sanxiang stock, mr. xu wenzhi, general manager of sanxiang stock, mr. rui yongxiang, vice chairman of sanxiang stock, mr. chen jinsong, vice president of sanxiang holdings, mr. wang qinghua, chief legal consultant of sanxiang holdings and all senior managers of sanxiang stock attended the meeting, and deputy general manager of all units, as well as advanced collective representatives and outstanding individuals participated in the meeting. hunan fiery emperor bioengineering co., ltd. and sanhe xiangde real estate development co., ltd. also participated in the meeting via video as branches.

the meeting was presided by mr. chen jinsong, vice president of shanghai sanxiang investment holdings co., ltd.

firstly, mr. xu wenzhi, general manager of sanxiang co., ltd. made the annual work report of 2013 to conclude main work in 2013. according to him, in 2013, the company aimed at the performance commitment, started from the normalization of internal control, pursued the refined engineering, maintained the work steady and orderly, took innovative measures and made vivid and prosperous achievements. 2013 has become the strongest and the most outstanding year for the company since the stock transformation of the company. the report also pointed out the weakness of work and put forward the direction. while forecasting the work in 2014, mr. xu wenzhi expressed that it would be more difficult to make the decision, operate the situation and handle the market in the future. in the segment market of real estate, as more and more persons possess the awareness of energy saving, environmental protection and healthy life and the green and technical real estate is still growing, there would be huge market space for the development and upgrade. as challenges and opportunities exist simultaneously, we should bear the sense of urgency in mind to accelerate the optimization and integration of various resources, consolidate the foundation, accelerate the speed, catch up with the times and realize the new objective.

mr. huang jialin, chairman of hunan fiery emperor bioengineering co., ltd. also reported the excellent performance of fiery emperor bioengineering to the meeting. following the guidelines of “enlarging the scale, creating the brand and making the benefit”, the company focuses on the market exploration along the high-speed railway and the diversified promotion to engage in strengthening the health management and building the direct-sale platform to pursue the optimization of product structure and innovative development. the enterprise moved forward steadily and made significant social and economic benefits. it won the battle to turn deficits to benefits to make a great breakthrough.

mr. wang qinghua, chief legal consultant announced the decision on awarding advanced collectives and outstanding individuals 2013 and leaders of the company granted awards to winners. representatives such as liu xiaoyan accepted the award on the stage and thanked the company for providing a favorable development platform, and expressed that they would keep studying and work hard to make new contributions to the development of sanxiang.

mr. rui yongxipang, vice chairman, appreciated the strategic direction of sanxiang to insist on the green and technical real estate very much by his understanding of the healthy life and advocate of the advanced concept of building design.

mr. huang hui, chairman, made an important speech to highly appreciate the performance of sanxiang stock and hunan fiery emperor in 2013 and express the gratitude to all employees of sanxiang. mr. huang hui especially pointed out that the strategic cooperation between sanxiang stock and zhongying would be bound to create the positive energy in the new year to promote the innovation of the green and technical real estate of sanxiang to obtain the new achievement. finally, mr. huang hui expressed the blessing and wished the success of the “ambitious dream” of sanxiang to make contributions to the “dream of china”.

the lottery in the second half of the meeting was full of laughter and joy.

after the meeting, leaders and award winners of the company took a photo together.

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