public welfare and voluntary devotion—“sanxiang group” joins public welfare project of wujiaochang 2014


the volunteer center of wujiaochang community of yangpu district launched the “public welfare partner promotion plan” of 2014 on january 22. as the voluntary service unit of wujiaochang subdistrict, shanghai sanxiang (group) co., ltd. attended the starting ceremony. the public welfare plan would organize enterprises, social organizations and public groups interested in the public welfare business in wujiaochang subdistrict to provide the public welfare service to the public of wujiaochang by their own resource advantages. inheriting duties of the voluntary activity of 2013, the voluntary resource this year will radiate “elder service, education service and traffic civilization”. xu yu, secretary of board of directors of sanxiang stock signed the agreement and accepted the award on behalf of sanxiang group.

as one of the volunteers, shanghai sanxiang (group) co., ltd. will provide three major services of “real estate consultation, property management consultation and decoration consultation”. the voluntary service team of sanxiang will inherit the spirit of the voluntary service to be devoted to the business to provide the more professional direction to the resident of the community.

bao xiangrong from labor union of group

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